Monday, September 16, 2013


Wow, everything just seems like a blur lately.. The weeks go by so fast. It sounds like everyone is doing well yet again. Staying busy that’s for sure. We are also staying really busy here in Germany and the work is starting to pick up. I love this work and I have never been this happy and it’s been awesome.
This week was a little hectic for some reason but it turned out to be a good week. Since Elder Lindsey is gone it’s been a little weird for Elder Smith and I because it seriously is like starting up a new area. Elder Lindsey knew everything about the area and I would just follow in his shadow. But now Elder Smith and I are somewhat new so it’s been a lot of fun getting used to all the train schedules and bus schedules. We find ourselves running all over the place a lot and barely catching trains. Also, we actually bought a couple bikes and they are probably from the 80s. My bike is sweet. Its purple with a brown colored leather seat that says "Texas." So I named it the Texas Ranger.. haha and Elder Smiths is probably older than mine and looks like an antique bike.. We have a lot of fun. But yes we are being very careful so no worries. But like I have said it’s been a little bit crazy at times but we have a lot of fun.
Elder Smith is another really cool guy. I have been so blessed with 2 awesome companions out here in the field. He is from England and has a sense of humor. I can’t lie though.. Sometimes it is so hard to understand his accent because it is so strong. We have fun and he is also a very hard worker. It’s always cool getting new companions because there are always new ideas that come in and then we just find new ways. We get along really well and it has been fun.
Thomas and Shirley are also doing really well and made a lot of progress this week. Shirley like I have said had no background whatsoever on religion and so we have been teaching her from the foundation. It’s been really cool to see their progress and It has been so much fun. They both are so ready for baptism. Kind of a cool thing. We actually set Oct 12th to be their baptismal date.. Shirley was not quite ready for that date but Thomas has been so excited. We told them to pray about that date and to let us know how they felt. Thomas always answered with a firm yes and was going to actually get baptized on that day without Shirley.. We told him to pray about it one more time because we thought it would be cool if they got baptized together and it would be a more special feeling. Thomas ended up texting us the next day saying, "Hey Elders, while I was praying for that date last night I fell asleep, but I have been feeling strongly that I should wait for Shirley to get baptized with me.. I know Heavenly Father wouldn’t want one of his children to feel left out and so I will wait for Shirley to get baptized with me."   That was really such a cool thing because we know that would be such a cool thing for them to get baptized together. But Thomas is ready and is waiting for his wife Shirley to get baptized with him. We are so excited and happy for them. It is so amazing how on the mission you meet someone and they feel like family. Shirley is so ready she just needs to believe in herself. It has been awesome teaching them and I will keep you all updated.
You know, the mission teaches you a lot of things. I have realized in my life how many blessings I have received and how humble it has been. The other day while I was reading the story "The Fourth Missionary" (Thanks Parents) I began thinking how I can become a better missionary. I have been praying for guidance to help me be better. As I was reading in another talk given in General Conference it said the words "Sacred Calling" and that made me think about missionary work. I began thinking about those 2 words for a while and that’s what being a missionary is. Being a missionary is a "Sacred Calling" It has been so humbling and I know that this work is the Lords work. So many missionaries take it as a vacation time. I take it as the Lords time. Every day is the Lords time and my whole perspective for the rest of my mission is different. I love the Lords work. I know this is his work. He is leading and guiding us every step of the way. We just have to allow him to work in our lives.
One last thing; we are really using a lot more online stuff lately like Mormon messages and such. One thing that came to me that I would like to share is Service. Everyone, please look for service opportunities. The greatest joys in life come from when you are serving others.

I love you all. Thanks for the prayers. I am praying for you always
Elder Emery

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