Monday, July 29, 2013


Guten Tag from Germany! 

Love getting letters and hearing that everyone is doing well. Seems like everyone is just staying busy and getting a lot of things done. That is so good to hear for me. Being thousands of miles away sometimes is hard but I know the Lord is watching over and protecting all of you.

This week was actually a pretty long week. We got a TON done and I have never been so tired in my life. This was a really good week for us and it shows that the work here in Germany is starting to go up. When I first got to this area it had just barely been opened. So there were really not a lot of potential investigators. This week we now have 6 progressing investigators and they are legit too. This week we met with 3 of them and it was so sweet. 2 of them are from Africa and we found them on the streets. Both of them came to church and they absolutely loved it and participated in everything. It was so humbling watching how happy they were by coming to church. Jose is from Angola and absolutely loves what we are talking about. He told us that he has never felt that happy in his life and the feeling he was getting he had never felt before. Akuya is from Ghana, Khumasi actually, so I told her my best friend was serving there and so she got excited for that. But she is awesome. She can’t read so we are getting her a Book of Mormon tape so she can listen to it. It’s awesome to see how happy people are.

So we are trying to work a lot with the members in doing missionary work because it’s so hard to contact. Honestly, people are SOO scared to talk to us and they are super mean about it too. We were on the bus the other day and we complimented a guy on his watch to try to start a conversation. And he just started yelling at us telling us to not talk to him and yeah. Out here on the mission you really grow a strong skin and just ignore those people and move on. It’s so sad sometimes but it’s so humbling. It’s worth it for the people you do talk to and who are super nice. As a missionary you really notice every little thing that happens. So many people are caught up in worldly things and its soooo sad. If only they could know this amazing gospel and just find out for themselves how amazing life is. But like I said, we are trying to do member work and it can be hard sometimes. Some members are absolutely awesome and know how to do it. Some members think missionary work is going door to door and handing out a Book of Mormon to people. For members, missionary work is just bringing up the Gospel in a conversation or something. It really is not that hard and I encourage all members to do missionary work. It’s the coolest feeling ever.

This week we did a lot of service too. We helped a lady in our ward this week and it was some tough work. When Germans move, they move everything!! Ha every little drawer, kitchen, lights, everything! It’s incredible. We worked for like 7 hours on Friday and got up early Saturday morning and worked another 6 hours. It was a lot of work. Germans really don’t have houses. They have more apartment style houses. So it is hard getting and carrying everything up the stairs. But we moved her in and it was good. Another really cool thing here is we live in Bad Homburg which is like the rich part of Frankfurt. So the Cars we see are insanely awesome. Maserati’s, Audis, Bentleys, Lamborghini’s.. They are sweet!!

A little more about my companion and then I will finish up this letter. So my companion is Elder Lindsey. He is originally from Colorado but lives in Pleasant Grove now. I did not know him before the mission but he is honestly one of the coolest guys. He is super friendly and talkative. He has helped me so much with my German and has shown me just how to love people. He plays sports and is super athletic. We have the same personalities. It is so much fun being his companion because we have fun but we get the work done. I do have to say, we are pretty dang funny. We just have fun! He is an awesome Elder and we have really become best friends. I am so grateful for him and it has been so much fun.

Anyways, that was a really long letter. Sorry for that but I just had to tell you guys everything. We are headed up to Weilburg today for our P day and going to visit a castle so I will send you some pictures next week. Germany is absolutely awesome and I love it here. I love my mission. Sometimes it is really frustrating and really hard. I have never been this tired in my life. But I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for anything. I hope all is well and I love the letters. I am doing great and learning so much. I am so grateful for the people I have in my life. I have definitely changed so much and have grown to love this Gospel more and more every day. I love you all.

Elder Emery

  This is the Konietz family. Their little girl is so cute and they're really cool
Jan Osterloh is a young single adult. We have been working with him trying to bring him back to church.

And thats me in Oder Rosbach. It has been raining a ton this past week so that was fun to be there and walking in the rain.

 Bruder Bauman is a member. He has had a tough life but is awesome. He works on temple platz and loves us.

That's a view of the temple and Friedrichsdorf. Beautiful!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1st Transfer Done

First to start off, a big congrats to Jackson and Cherese this week! We got another Emery in the family and he is super cute. Hope Cherese is feeling better and all is well with that. It’s crazy that they already have 2 kids. And when I get home McKade will be Treyton’s age. Crazy stuff..

Well this week was a little bit slower. But it was awesome and we learned so much more about missionary work. Really cool thing; We learned a ton about family history work. We are using these fan charts to contact people. It was really cool because most of our family history is done all the way back to 9 generations. It was insanely cool to see all the different family links and everything. If you get a chance visit It really reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa Emery and also Grandma Parris. I think they would be super interested in it and would love to see the line. So if you guys read this email check out that website and sign up. It has Grandpa Emery’s Charts from the 30’s and back. You can see the original paper work and everything. I highly recommend you guys to check out that website.

There wasn’t a lot that happened this week. Last Tuesday we gave 3 blessings in one day. A guy in our ward had torn his Achilles tendon, so we went to the hospital and gave him a blessing. We gave 2 more blessings that day to people. It was so cool to feel that spirit that we have felt.
So while I was reading my emails my mom wanted me to answer the question, "What does family mean to you?"

Family to me is everything. The first thought that came to my head is when something happens my family was the first one there to help me. I love my family with all my heart. I never realized how much my family was important to me until I came out on my mission. My parents have taught me so much in my life. They taught me how to be a better person then I could ever imagine being. They have supported me in everything I have ever had. Basketball, golf, and life. They are 2 of the hardest workers I know and I am so very grateful for them. They have showed me what’s really important in my life, and how to be an example and be willing to help whoever needs help. Thanks for being such great parents and being wonderful examples to me. My siblings now: Geez, where do I start? Ha we have never had such a close bond with each other. Jackson, Alex, and Annie have been my best friends ever since I was little. I know we got in fights and stuff but I have never had such a supportive family in everything I do. They are so supportive in me and have taught me so much about the person I want to be. I am so grateful for this Gospel and being able to live with my family forever. They have shown me the way and the hard work ethic. I know I have been a pain to them sometimes but they know how much I love them and I wouldn’t be here today without them.

I know this week was a tough week for my mom and her siblings. It was the week my Grandpa Parris died 15 years ago. My mom has always told me that he was there supporting me at my games in spirit and was always leading me to do right. I know how great of a man he was because the stories I have heard. I was lucky enough to live 4 years with him and I remember being a young boy riding in the car with him. He was a great man and I know he is watching down on us all the time. He was a great man and I know my mom loves him very much. I am so grateful that we can live with our families together forever. 

I love you all and I hope you guys are doing well. I love reading all the letters. Keep them coming please. They mean so much to me. And people have asked me what they can send.. Send Ties please :) I love ties now!! Haha that’s the only thing I can switch up what I wear every day. So ties would be awesome. Thanks for all the support. This work is awesome.

Elder Emery

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Flies!

Wow, weeks fly! I swear I was just writing to you guys yesterday. Anyways this week was actually a really fun and cool week. Sounds like everyone is enjoying the hot weather and loving life. That makes me happy. I pray for you all every night. I am so very grateful for all the prayers and thoughts. Also, I am super excited for Jackson and Cherese and the baby. Treyton gets a brother and Jackson gets older. Haha jk, but I am so excited and can’t wait to see pictures.

So what we as missionaries hear a lot here in Germany are that doors are extremely impossible to find any investigators. Elder Lindsey and I don’t think so at all. This past week was actually a really cool story I wanted to share.  So Elder Lindsey and I were up in Gartenfield. A stadt tile from Bad Hamburg. We had an appointment with a less active family up there. So it’s about a 20 min bus ride from Bahnhoff.. So we got to this massive apartment complex. Here in Germany they have these klingel systems kind of like doorbells to get into the main complex. So we klingled this in active family and nothing.. So we waited for a little bit and klingled them again.. Nothing.. Elder Lindsey and I looked at each other and I said "Okay, Elder Lindsey klingel one name on the 200 names on the building. He agreed and klingeld someone on the top floor of the building. They let us in and so we had to go to the top of the building. We got there and we got out of the Elevator on the top floor and this lady and her husband were sitting there. They were so scared to see us when we first got up there. We explained that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and we started asking them questions. They were really nice and invited us to talk more about the Book of Mormon to them... Elder Lindsey and I looked at each other and just smiled because that NEVER happens here in Germany.. We went inside and it was super hot so they asked us to go outside to talk more. We went to this little park outside of the Wohnung. We sat down and talked for an hour!! Ha it was insane.. And they are super prepared and ready it seems like. I know we are not supposed to give hugs, but this lady gave Elder Lindsey and I the biggest hug and told us that she knows our church is true and asked when we could meet again. It was so humbling knowing that there are people out there for every missionary and God prepares them for us to find. I honestly don’t believe in coincidences anymore and I know everything happens for a reason. We are teaching them again this Friday so I will let you know more about how that goes later.

This week I went up to Weterau again for splits. I was up there this time with Elder Henderson; another great Elder here. Weterau is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. I will send pictures soon. But to kind of explain it.. Weterau has small little towns about 3 to 4 miles apart from each other with just massive fields. It is sooooo pretty. Anyways, when I first got there we studied for about 3 hours. And then realized that both our companions had our cell phones.. So we had no cell phone whatsoever. It was okay though.. So our first appointment was actually in Friedberg, we first got something to eat. Of course we went to a döner shop and bought a döner. Best food you can get here. I don’t know how to explain it. If you ever come to Germany you need a döner. Ha but anyways the appointment in Friedberg fell out. We then traveled about 30 miles on train up to Hungen. We had our bikes with us so that’s what made this interesting. Between cities is like a one lane road but with people going both directions. That is the only way to get between cities. So Elder Henderson and I were riding on this one way road with a thousand cars flying past us and massive semis. I have never been so scared in my life. ha but it was such a great experience. Haha I thought we were going to die a few times but we got to our appointment and it was great. The total for the day of biking was close to 30 miles.. I have never been so tired in my life. It was such a fun split and I learned a lot about how to teach and learned a lot from the split.

This week was such a good week. The language is still frustrating. But I always say I am worse then I really am. I actually speak okay enough to have conversations but I am all over the place.  It has been such a great experience and I am loving the work. My testimony of the Gospel is growing so much. I love this Gospel with all I have in me. It has been such a great experiences and I have had SO many experiences so far. I love hearing from you guys, thanks for all the support. I love you all.

Elder Emery

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Well, the 4th of July here is nothing compared to what it is like in America... Ha
but it still was a solid day. Actually, we were able to celebrate Elder Lindsey’s birthday that day so that was a lot of fun. We went over to Christian Ottiker’s house and were able to have a Rochlette dinner.. An amazing German dish. I swear all we do is Eat, Walk, Teach, and sleep!! ha but it’s been good so far. This week a ton happened but I will try to tell some of the main points.

On Tuesday we actually were being followed by a newspaper writer. It was really interesting and sometimes awkward because we were out contacting and she would pretty much take pictures of us talking with people and interview us after we would talk. That day we got a referral from the Elders in Mainz.. They told us to go talk to this guy named Fahrad in Oberursel.. To come to find out Fahrad actually lives in a Refugee camp and it honestly was the scariest experience. We walked in there and people were just insane.. They were honestly scared by 2 missionaries walking in with a reporter behind them. We got yelled at and people would hide and scream at us.. What makes it even better is we didn’t find Fahrad.. Ha so we ended up leaving that situation as quickly as possible but we really couldn’t leave because people were blocking us from leaving.. We spent about 45 minutes there and it was a little bit sketchy..

After that experience we went to a couple members’ homes that night and taught a few lessons and then got interviewed by this girl. I am really interested what she writes in her article after the experiences we had with her.

Another cool story, so EVERYONE here in Germany smokes! Everywhere you go there is someone smoking. We were waiting for a bus and we were standing right next to these 2 girls that were smoking and it smelled awful. I was actually kind of getting sick of the smell. There was a sign right behind us that is an advertisement for smoking and on every cigarette box it says, "Rauchen kann tödlich sein" which means "smoking can be deadly." Well to make a long story short I was getting sick of this smell and so I turned to them and said can you read the sign?? It says "Rauchen kann tödlich sein," then I asked what they thought about that?? -- I was just being blunt and honestly would have never said that in my life I just said it out of nowhere.. Ha but she ended up telling us how she started and she wants to stop. We ended up getting her number so I guess being pretty bold works here in Germany. haha

On Saturday we were invited to go play soccer over in Bad-Nauheim. The Usingen, Wetzlar and Freidrichsdorf wards were all invited. The train ride was about an hour up to Bad-Nauheim but the scenery is beautiful. When we got there they had already started and I honestly thought it was a bunch of professionals playing soccer.. They were Incredible!! Ha Elder Lindsey and I joined the game and it was so hard.. ha I remember playing soccer as a little kid so I mean I had some moves I guess. The only one that worked for me was kicking the ball ahead of everyone and out running everyone and chasing it down. I actually was successful and scored twice.. ha it was a lot of fun and through that we got a couple new investigators. Whatever works to get investigators we do. After we played soccer we had a BBQ and just enjoyed the rest of the night. It was such a fun experience but honestly I am SOOO out of shape.. I have been soo sore these past couple of days! Hahaha it is so hard to even walk but it was so worth it to finally get out and play some sports.

This week was a lot of fun. I have learned so much and just seeing how happy people are is everything. I have grown so much in this work and love every single moment. The days seem to fly by. It’s weird to think it’s already been 2 months since I have been out. But I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry this letter is a little bit shorter. Hope everyone’s 4th of July was great. I always have you all in my prayers. I love you all

Elder Emery

Monday, July 1, 2013

more pics

Elder Lindsey, Lorenzo, Christian Ottiker and I. Christian is one of our best friends here and he is honestly one of the coolest guys. He is the older one and he speaks English. He always has us over to eat and we have gotten really close friends.

2 Months

2 months already done.. Crazy to think! Hope everyone is doing well. I love getting the emails and hearing about everyone’s weeks. Thanks a ton for the support. For the week here in Germany it was kind of a slower week. That is missionary work though. This week was a big tester for me. I had a lot of patience and for the first time I was actually a little homesick. But putting my trust in the Lord and having faith I was able to figure out things and get back on track.

One cool story that happened this week is last Tuesday we had been contacting for about 2 hours after an appointment we had. Honestly everyone we were talking to was just denying us and we felt really down that night. We were in Freidrichsdorf and so we had to take the train back to Bad Hamburg to get to our apartment. As we were getting off the train, there was a lady getting off the train behind us with her bike. Out of our first reactions we started to help her with her bike out of the train and down the stairs. We started talking to her about why we were in Germany and what our purpose was. She began to open up to us and she was telling us how her family needs help. We made an appointment with her for tonight and Elder Lindsey and I are so excited.

This week we went up to Neu-Ansbach to do service for a member family.. We dug holes and ripped out tree roots and honestly it was like digging straight rock. The ground was so hard and honestly felt like we got nowhere. While we were working Elder Lindsey started to get really sick.. So we started to head back to our apartment. He has been in a lot of pain. Yesterday we were in our ward and I thought Elder Lindsey was about to die. He did not look good at all. We had an eating appointment at a member’s house and he ate barely and then just threw it all up so we came back to our apartment a little bit early. He slept and says it’s not getting any better. So I hope he will be getting better. I have been helping him out and I feel like my mom now :) haha Elder Lindsey is such a great guy though and is staying positive.

This week we went on splits. I went over to the Wetterau area with Elder Stimpson, another really cool guy. He is our district Leader and so once every transfer we go on splits. While I was in Wetterau we taught this kid who was really interested in the Church and they found him a week before. He spoke English so I could actually talk to him. It honestly was pointless though.. He just tried to tell us how our religion was wrong and how he wanted to discuss about all the religions. It was really uncomfortable because there were Muslim pictures all over his wall and he tried to give us this book which explained about all the religions. It was getting late about 9:30 and we needed to be back at the apartment and so we tried to get up and go but he would not let us go.. It was super weird! Ha so we told him we would meet with him again sometime and about 10:00 we finally got out.. It was such an uneasy feeling but I am glad I don’t have to talk to him again. ha But I learned a lot from the experience.

Well a little about Germany; the weather has been really crappy here. It’s been in about the 50’s and raining. Some days are super hot and other days are awful. One constant thing here it seems like is it is all cloudy and just dark and a little bit sad. Haha Its crazy.. When the suns out people are so happy and love to talk. Then when its cloudy people are so mad and don’t want to talk. It’s really funny to see but also is really fun. I heard it has been super hot back in Utah. That is crazy numbers it seems like.

Jackson sent me something last week that has really helped me; He said, "If you are not exactly obedient with your thoughts and actions, change that. The Lord will wait for us to do our part before he does his." That has really helped me! We can all learn from that quote and I hope everyone will find something they can change. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I love serving people and helping people out. And yes mom I am a clean freak now.. Everything is so clean. I have definitely learned that :)

Thanks again for all the support. This week was such a big test for me. I have really found out how much I have been blessed in my life. I am so happy to be serving here in Germany. Thanks for all of the prayers and all the letters. It really means a lot. Love you all

Elder Emery