Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Season

Hey, I don't have too much time today but I hope things are going well for all of you. Things here in Germany are continuing to progress and this week was another super busy week for us.

We had transfers this past week so a couple days out of the week we were strictly just in the mission home. We had our meetings there and were able to meet with all the trainers and new missionaries and train them. Another great thing was we have a new investigator.. Her name is Lina.. She is 19 years old and is the daughter of a less active couple! Started talking to her about taking the lessons and she is excited and wants to learn more about the Church. She is super cool so I hope things will progress with her.

I was on 2 splits this week with Elder Lovelace and Elder Simpson. 2 great Elders who really love the work. We were able to do a lot of missionary work. On Saturday, Elder Simpson and I were able to do 7 hours of straight finding.. It's been freezing cold here in Germany so that was a bummer.. But we talked with a ton of people.. Unfortunately, we didn't see too much success out of it but talk about a mission and building character.

Daniel is still preparing to get baptized on the 20th so keep him in your prayers. The work is moving forward.

This week I learned the Atonement from a different perspective. Talking about how we can forgive others for something they did to us. I think its the natural man in us to say that "someone hurt me and I can't forgive them for that". But one thing that I learned this week is that if we really want to receive forgiveness for our sins from God.. We have to be able to forgive others for what they do to us. This was such an important lesson that I learned this week.. Continuing to get more humbled and humbled as the weeks go by. D&C 64:10 "I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men". Such a powerful lesson. 

I love you all. I pray for you daily.

Elder Emery

Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift

Family, I think this is the best time of year.. With Thanksgiving and then Christmas around the corner it is a great time! We had a great week here!

Just want to start off with some good news.. We set a baptismal date for Daniel our investigator for December 20th!! It was such a cool lesson and was super spiritual.. Talk about the Lord preparing someone to partake of the Gospel. His story is absolutely amazing. What's even cooler is that his girlfriend is a member and has just barely been reactivated and brought him along.. She wants an eternal marriage in the temple and now since Daniel is getting baptized they can do it! So that was a high of the week.

Another high was Thanksgiving of course! I loved it and it really felt like I was at home as we went to the Robertsons. Thomas, Shirley and David were there as well and we were able to share the new intitiative, "He is the Gift" with them. They are 2 families who I love dearly and have made us feel at home so many times on the mission. I am grateful that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with them and we had a huge turkey and mashed potato feast. It was a great night!

This week we also were able to do transfer planning where we planned for the coming transfer and made the necessary changes. Transfer day is this Thursday. Elder McGinn only has 1 more transfer and then I will be getting a new companion. The time goes by super quick but nothing is better then being in the service of the Lord. 

This past weekend was another great weekend. We were able to go down to Heidelberg where I saw some good friends. Sister Lyons who I served with in Darmstadt is serving there and she is honestly an angel! She is one of the strongest sister missionaries I know. Elder Brown and Elder Mayne as well are studs! So that was cool to catch up with all of them! We had another Thanksgiving down there and it was great!

This week was a great week and I am so happy.. I wouldnt change this mission for anything! Again, I am so grateful that I came back and I get to be apart of such a great work here in Germany! I love it so very much and have been blessed to be here. I swear I have changed more in these past 2 months then I had in my first 17 months of my mission! This is the time of the mission where I understand and speak the language and missionary work is just second nature. Which is great. It is helping me be that person that Heavenly Father needs me to be. And again serving along side my best friends in other missions and my boys here in this mission. I love this work. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Have a great week!

Elder Emery

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey Wonderful Family

Well I don't have to much time today but thank you for all the emails! Know I love them and am grateful for all the letters and emails I receive! This week was a really good week! Things went super well and we stayed really busy. We were able to go on splits this week with the Ramstein American Elders who work with all the Americans, Elder Pratt and Elder Boam. We were able to go on base where people in the army live so that was really cool. Just how blessed we are to have people who serve our country for the freedom we have. 

We had MLC on Friday which was a really good meeting.. With this new initiative, "He is the Gift" coming out, I had the opportunity to introduce it during that meeting and it went really well. The church is amazing with things they do. 

Friday night we were on another split with the Nürnberg Elders and they came here to Frankfurt. I was with Elder Hobson. We met a 27 year old girl named Nancy who is half American half German! She was really cool and it was cool.. We both walked passed her as she was looking at a bus schedule at a bus station. We both had a feeling we should talk to her.. We talked to her and we are meeting with her this next week! Great experience. We weren't able to do a whole lot of work in our area this week because we were driving all over.. But we were able to go visit Jessica in the hospital and then Daniel came to church for the 4th straight week.. So that was cool to see our investigator come! 

We met with some members this week and then just continued to prepare for this next week where we have to do transfer planning where we make all the switches for the mission. It should be a good week! I hope you guys have a wonderful week. I pray for you daily and continue to be grateful for all the support that I have around me! Because this week is Thanksgiving I challenge you all to write down a list of all the people and things you are grateful for.. We have a few appointments for Thanksgiving but I love this time of year.. I am grateful for so much that I have been given in my life! The Lord is Good!

Elder Emery

"The nearer a person approaches the Lord, the greater power will be manifest by the Adversary to prevent the accomplishment of his purpose". Heber C. Kimball

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey Guys, I didn't get a whole lot of emails this week or were really short but that is totally fine. I hope everything is going good. I am still doing great, just the same routine every monday but I'm glad you guys are doing good!

This week was one of the most humbling weeks of my life.. I have really been studying about being meek and how one can do that. I feel like I have received so many answers in my life but I just am too selfish to do anything about it. This week helped me so much I feel like to take a step up in my progression. I finally realized this is the time where I need to change the things that I am bad at and continue down the path in which God has laid out for me. That is my goal and I feel like I am doing great but still so much to learn.

I finally realized also this week is that things have changed.. Whether they be at home or in my life right now as a missionary.. People come and go.. You really truly find out who your true friends are and realize the gospel is what's important in this life. Things have changed at home and here on the mission but that is what life is all about. Just got to move on and continue to do the service of the Lord.

This week was a bit rough on the other hand because Elder McGinn got sick on Monday night and was puking everywhere.. The next day we were down and had a ton to do in the office. We were planning on splitting with the Zone Leaders in Wiesbaden that night but he wasn't feeling good enough. He was not feeling good at all. Then on Wednesday he was feeling a lot better and we moved the split to Wednesday night. So that whole day we were able to meet with a couple members. We met with the Galz family again and we made so epic music. He has this sound recording room and we were down there making music. It was a lot of fun and opened him up a lot to missionaries. So here is where the bad part comes in.. We had to go back to the office to pick some mail up for Wiesbaden and so we did that. As soon as we left the office Elder McGinn asks if I want a pop tart. I told him no and that I was feeling a bit sick.. We started heading down to Wiesbaden and right before we got to the autobahn something hit me and I had to throw up.. I literally opened the door and just puked all over the road. Now I had the dang flu.. ha that was a super long night for me but I am feeling a lot better now. Just was super funny. After I threw up Elder McGinn turns to me and says "Im glad you didnt barf up my pop tart." haha

The whole next day we were in Friedrichsdorf for their Zone Training and so it was a little bit more relaxed day. That night I was feeling a lot better. Thursday night Düsseldorf Zone Leaders came down and we split but ended up in the office the whole time because we had the CCM reports. Which are reports of the whole mission for the Stake presidents. We got them finished late saturday night and got home at like 12:30.. another late night. But that was great! Friday night we drove all the way up to Dortmund and split with them. I had never been up there before and it is a great area. We played soccer Saturday morning and then were able to do some finding and set up for a baptism that the Siegen Elders had. It was a great split with Elder Miller.

Our investigators are doing great. Daniel came to church again for the 3rd week in a row so that was cool. He is such a great guy and I bet he will be baptized soon. Hopefully before Elder McGinn goes home. But he is making progress and reading and praying and keeping his commitments. Jessica and Francis are doing good as well.. We met with them only once because Francis got his wisdom teeth out but hopefully we can meet with him more this week. The Roa's are doing great as well.. Continuing to make progress so that they can get sealed in the temple. I love my mission!

Sunday was a great day as well. We got lots done and were able to meet with Benny who is a member. Its been great being back.. I love being able to teach these German people and to help so many missionaries out. I am learning so much every single day and am forever grateful for the friendships I have made here.. I am grateful for this Gospel. God's will is a lot greater then ours. One last thing I learned that has helped me so much as I have been back was a quote by my good friend Jabari Parker when he said: "Just be the same person you are in the dark that you are in the light". Remember this and just like I always say The Lord is good my friends. I love you all.

Elder Emery