Tuesday, June 24, 2014

World Cup

Another week down here in Germany. The weeks are always one it feels like! It is absolutely crazy to think how fast things go! But I am loving every moment! This week was good but also had some really long days. This week was transfers and we had 22 new missionaries and 17 leaver missionaries. And being here in Frankfurt we have to deal with all of that! So on Wednesday and Thursday we were helping out with all of that and we had some nights till 1:00am. Then we got right back up at 6:30 so that was pretty tiring. But it was a good week and I felt like I got a lot done.
Really, really crazy story this week but it just strengthened my testimony about the Priesthood so much. So on Wednesday we went out with the New missionaries and we took them contacting and everything. I went out contacting with a Golden and we talked with about 20 people and then at the end there was this lady standing at a bus stop and she was wearing a cross on her necklace. I was together with this Golden and I told him we should talk to her. As I approached her I really had a bad feeling in me and I don’t know why but I contacted her anyways. We started talking and after about 3 minutes you could really tell something was just different about this lady. She was starting to talk about devil worshiping and all these strange different things. She told us how she has seen Jesus Christ and talked about the devil and all sorts of weird things. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and I have NO idea what happened after that but she started just freaking out and started saying these weird things and she cast a demon upon me. She was still going absolutely crazy and so I took the Golden and we just left. As we left she was still screaming just profane things. So we went back to the Church. I remember just feeling super, super weird and all my thoughts were just really bad. Right when she said she cast something upon me, it was seriously like a power was on me that I couldn’t describe. It was actually really, really scary. So I went back and I talked to Elder McGinn and Elder Chicky about it and I asked them for a blessing because I was feeling super, super weird! We went into a room and they gave me a blessing casting the demon out. It was really such a crazy feeling.. As soon as he said "Amen" I was completely free and I was back to normal. That was an experience that I have never had before. You always hear about stories like that and everything but to actually be a part of it was absolutely crazy. But it was just a really strong testimony to me about the Priesthood and how important it is to have the Priesthood. There are powers here on earth that sometimes we don't understand but they are absolutely real. Through the Priesthood we can be freed. I have used the Priesthood a lot in these past couple weeks just in my life. And I know the effects it can have. And I am glad that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints holds that priesthood. Our church is amazing and I am so very grateful for it.
Germans love the World Cup! It is absolutely nuts here as well. Most games are at night and so there is absolutely no one on the streets! It has been fun because that is all everyone talks about. President is allowing our mission to watch the Germany vs USA game on Thursday! Super sick :) The world cup here in Germany is sooo legit! People go crazy for it!
Elder Baker has had shoulder problems for a while. He was doing like a pushup and it just gave out. Nothing he could do. It was crazy because we were in the middle of the city and the streets were closed of because of this massive marathon was going on. So I was driving all over the place with him screaming in the back trying to find a hospital. I finally just went and talked to a police officer and he let us through and about 45 minutes later we got to the hospital. It was just a hectic night and we didn’t get back till about 1:00 am
We get a new mission President this week so that is also something that will happen! I will miss President Schwartz for sure! He helped me out so much in my life.
Hope you all have a great week! I love you guys. Have fun on your trips and everything! You are the best.

Elder Emery

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