Monday, June 30, 2014


Wow, what an exciting week for all of you! You guys were all over. haha I am glad that you had a great week. It is crazy how fast this past week went by. I am glad you are all home safe and enjoying life as well. I am happy and doing a ton better with everything. I have had some cool experiences for sure. This week was crazy for us.
Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was the Conference where we all said our goodbyes to President Schwartz. It was such a powerful meeting and it was cool because President had me lead the meeting. Sister Schwartz talked and then President Schwartz ended it. It was actually super sad to see. President finished his remarks and we presented him our mission present we all bought for him. And to end the meeting we sang "God be with you, till we meet again." It was super powerful because we all stood up and sang it. Sister Schwartz was just bawling and it was so sad to see. They dedicated so much to the Lord and helped so many missionaries in the mission. I am so grateful for them personally in my life. They are such amazing people. Their faith is unshaken no matter how much it took to be Mission President. You deal with a ton of things. I am grateful for them and the work they did.

Thursday night we were able to watch the Soccer game. USA vs. Germany. Elder Lindsey, Elder Stimpson, Elder Baker and I we all watched it at a members house. We had a BBQ and it was really a lot of fun. Germany really looked like they knew what they were doing.. It was really cool because the whole town just shuts down and everyone stays at home, just watching the game. It is really quite cool how dedicated they are to soccer here. They love it. So that was cool being able to watch it. I don't know if it is cool because I am on a mission or just because the graphics on the TV got a lot better. I haven’t watched TV for more then a year so it was super cool to see how amazing the graphics and everything is. That was a really cool day.
We were also able to meet with our investigator twice this week. He is honestly the greatest. He keeps all his commitments and is super excited about his baptism this coming Saturday. He is doing so well. He has come every week to church and that is going well. So I will update you all next week. Also Friday our new mission President came in. He is a really, really nice guy. This coming week we will be super busy as well figuring everything with that out.
One awesome thing that happened was that we were able to have a street display on Saturday. It was 3 hours long and I loved this chance to talk with people. I talked with so many people but again not a ton of success. I talked with this girl for about 40 minutes and we had a very good conversation about our purpose in life. She was such a nice girl and she left with a card but I hope she calls us. 
That was the week. I am doing good. I don't have a lot of time so I have to give everything to the Lord. During my studies this week I studied about the importance of the Gospel. The Gospel is so important for all of us. Though we may not understand everything, the Gospel changes lives. A great quote I heard this week "The gospel changes bad people to good and good people to better". We just have to be open and be willing to repent from all our sins. Full repentance takes a lot of humbling and courage. But when we do it the Lord is really happy for us. I love this Gospel!

I hope you all have a splendid week.

Elder Emery

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