Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey hey, Another great week here in Germany. This week was full of a lot of good things and a lot of doubt at the same time! It is amazing how much you learn in so many different experiences and how you know God is always there and then some weeks things don’t happen as you may have expected and hoped. But I am doing the best I can and I know that this is part of God's plan and I need to keep pushing.
I will share a few excerpts from my journal. But first I want to tell you a funny story. So we have been teaching this family from Ghana and we taught them on Friday. The lesson went really well and the husband actually came to church yesterday. He came for sacrament meeting and so we were super pumped. Everything was going really, really good. We said the first prayer of the sacrament and then during the prayer for the water about half way through,  our investigators phone started buzzing and then it started playing a really loud annoying tune. He was wearing jeans and so he couldn’t get to it in time and he kept trying to get it but just couldn’t.  And then he just yells "Oh sh**" in English... and the whole place was completely silent... I laughed so hard!!!  So that was pretty funny.
Another contacting story...
We talked with a couple people who didn't really have too much interest. So we go down and hop on a U bahn. As we were sitting there and after several stops, this girl gets on the U bahn and sees me and just smiles. She sits down in front of me with her back towards me. So me and Elder Baker were sitting and facing one direction, and this girl was facing the other direction. I kept telling Elder Baker that I needed to talk to this girl. This girl was wearing big headphones as she got on. But as I was telling Elder Baker I had this feeling to talk to this girl, she took her headphones off.  She looked back to me one more time and smiled and then turned back!  It was a feeling now that I was fighting whether or not to talk to her.  But I don't know if she was just prepared or it was the Elder Emery instinct that this girl is 20 years old and looks like a model. So I kept fighting the feeling to talk with her and it just kept pounding my heart. So I finally asked her “Entshuldigung, Was Hoerst du Gern?”, asking what her favorite music was. And she turned around and was just super, super friendly and just smiling. It was a really good conversation we had. I told her that we were here as missionaries sharing a very special message that we had. And that it has changed my life. She couldn't speak  any English but she kept complimenting us about how good our German was. I think it was just the Gift of Tongues during that moment. We just bore strong testimony. I asked if she believe in God and she said no. I told her about my conversion story and how it helped me. She asked, where is this book and how can I read it? And I told her we would love to meet with her and talk more about the book and how it can change her life. We talked for a little bit and she gave us her information. It was probably one of the most powerful contacts I have had on my mission. We got her information and I hope we can get an appt with her. It was super cool and I am glad I listened to the prompting to talk with her. She gave us her work address, her email and her phone number. So that was pretty cool. We got off at the next station and I literally felt so good about that contact and we just walked home and that is all I could think about. That is one reason I love contacting because once you get a feeling like that and you act upon it you just see how the Holy Ghost works. I love it and it strengthened my testimony.
I also went on 2 splits this week. They were both really good and I learned a whole lot. That is one thing about being a Zone Leader is that we get to work with all the missionaries. I loved it and it was super cool.
My testimony is growing every day and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. I love being a missionary and being so close to the Spirit because it really is true! It testifies to us when we do something wrong or before we even do something, the Spirit testifies and gives us warning.  Let us all be worthy enough to have the spirit in our lives and be able to be guided by its power. I love it and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love working by the spirit and being able to do the things we do as missionaries. There are a lot of doubts that get brought up as missionaries but it’s been such a growing experience and I wouldn't change it for anything. I love this gospel. I hope you all have a pleasant week and enjoy the summer weather.
Elder Emery

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