Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Time

Hey hey everyone, so good to hear from you all. You all sound like you are doing so well. I am so happy that I have the best family and friends out there. Everyone seems as if they are doing really well and staying healthy. I am so grateful for the family and riends I have back at home. I love the support you give me and I can feel your prayers. Pray for the missionaries during this time in every prayer. We need to find those people who are ready. And we need the prayers for sure.

This week we had a lot happen so hopefully I will be able to write everything down that I want to. It's already crazy that this transfer is over at the end of this week. We have our transfer calls on Saturday so hopefully Elder Nilson and I stay together because we have seen so many miracles. First thing, here in Darmstadt you can't get around without transportation. Problem was this week there was a massive strike.. So that meant we couldn't go anywhere. So we had to cancel a lot of appointments and change a bunch of plans. Our apartment is not to close to the city because we live up by the University. So we actually stayed with the other elders in their apartment which is right in Darmstadt. That was a lot of fun. So we actually did some splits. I went with Elder Bruneel, and Elder Lee and Elder Nilson went together. It was great working with Elder Bruneel again. I have seen a huge change in that kid. He is a good friend now and everything is good. We had a few appointments out in the middle of nowhere and met with some families. I always love meeting with the members because they are always so happy. The gospel really does changes peoples lives when you live by it right.

On Thursday, we were in Frankfurt for our Zone Conference. Elder Dyches from the 70 was there and we learned lots of valuable things in missionary work and in life as well. It was also so good to be there because I saw all of my companions there. Those elders have become really close friends of mine so it was cool to see them. That day was a busy day. We then came back to Darmstadt and we had an appointment out in Crumstadt so we went with a member to do his home teaching with him. It was about 6:30 and we met with this less active family. Super good lesson and we are meeting them this again this week. But what was the most amazing part was we got back into Darmstadt and we had to walk about 2 miles to the apartment. So we decided to just contact everyone we saw. On the way to the apartment we ended up giving out 3 Book of Mormons. We got back to their apartment about 8:00 and we weren't finished. We still had an hour to go contact. So we took about 10 more Book of Mormons with us and went contacting. Met a lot of people and ended up for the day handing out 10 Book of Mormons. It was a great experience. We were in that contacting mode. I love contacting. It really helps with talking with people and caring for people who you want to help come closer to Jesus Christ. It was such a sweet night and I will never forget about it.

All 5 investigators from Elder Nilson and I all dropped us or moved out.. So that was kind of a bummer. But we aren't going to let that affect us. We are finding and finding every day to help people accept the truth. We contact a lot of people everyday and it's sometimes frustrating because no one accepts it. But the lessons learned each day as a missionary are learned only as a missionary. You can't teach this to anyone at home. They need to come out on a mission. Yes, its super hard. But the lessons learned are indescribable. I love this mission.

This weekend was a good one. We had 3 families moving out of our ward so we helped people move all day on Saturday. We also found some basketball contacts and we are playing once a week with them. Which has been super good. It is really frustrating because it feels as if I can't play as I used too.. I also have lost about 5 pounds which puts me down at 195.. but the good thing is that I have grown 1 inch on my mission :) So that is good! haha

Anyways, everything is going well with me. We are staying super busy. Sorry I get side tracked as I write the letters home because there are so many things happening everyday and I just forget about them or don't know which ones to write. But things on my side are going well. I am really growing up. I feel a huge change in me every week. Living in the world is a scary place, but with the gospel it makes it a lot easier. Remember our foundations. Remember the happiness we can receive through it and it will be easier and easier not to give in. I will be sure to send lots of pictures today. I love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Emery

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