Monday, March 10, 2014

Heyyy Family!

Wow, you have no idea how excited I was to hear Lone Peak won their 4th state title! That is something that is not easy to do. It takes a lot of work and perfecting to do that. I am so pumped for all my guys. I was getting updated through the days from a couple members here. And when I saw T.J cutting down the net it just brought back floods of memories over the years. That is seriously so cool and I am still super excited about that. How can people not say Lone Peak is not the best basketball program in Utah state history? Its a fact.

This week was a week full of talking to a lot of people but not having much success. As I go through my mission I have noticed that attitude as a missionary is everything. That is one thing we can choose as human beings, is our attitude. It doesn't matter if something bad happens. We get to control how we react to what people to do to us. But some of these experiences we have as missionaries help me grow so much and it has been a really humbling experience.

I will try to write more this week since last week I really didn't write much. It's been a tough two weeks talking to a lot of people who are very anti. But its been the biggest testimony builder I have yet experienced. We have talked to all different types of people who really are just lost and they want to bring down others to lift themselves up. But its sad because that's how they are and they think they are right about everything. But those are the times where you just have to listen, take it, and then move on. That's been about the past 2 weeks. haha

This week was good though. We started a few new things here in the ward. We are really focusing on bringing the less actives back because there are so many of them. So we have a lot of conversations with them and then try to meet with them and nothing happens. It's frustrating because people just don't understand how necessary this gospel is in our lives. We must do everything we can to bring the lost sheep back to the gospel. It has been hard but I know that God has a plan to bring all these people back.

Another thing that is cool is we had interviews with President this week. He is such an incredible guy! There is a guy giving up everything for 3 years and caring about all 250 missionaries like his own sons and daughters. He goes out of his way to serve people. I have learned so much from that guy. When you talk with him you know he is very inspired. He brings the best out of you and it's so cool. It has been a blessing having him as a mission president. We receive a new one in June but President Schwartz will be missed.

This weekend we have the Pinewood Derby races with the whole stake. Apparently that is one of the biggest activities of the year in the stake and they do it right here in Darmstadt. So for the past couple of weeks we have been getting set up for that and making our cars and everything. A ton of non members go to that and so that is exciting.

The most exciting thing we did this week was definitely Fasching.. Its a lot like Halloween in America but not as scary. This year was Disney themed so people dressed up as characters and we had a massive party here at the church. Elder Nilson and I were assigned to the paper airplanes station so we were just helping little kids make those. It was a lot of fun. I have never realized how important it is to have the members set up activities. Everything in this church SHOULD be done through members. And the missionaries should be there just for support. That is one thing I learned this week and was a lot of fun. I will send pictures.

My comp is still a stud. We get along just fine and he is continuing to be excited about the work. Coming new into the mission is a little bit of a slap in the face.. Because the culture, language and then obviously missionary work. Being with someone 24/7 was also really difficult. But Elder Nilson is taking it like a champ and just wanting to work. You can't teach hard work. It's something you learn as you grow up and he has definitely got that.

Funny experiences.. There are of course funny experiences every day. It's been cool with Elder Nilson because he is not scared to talk to people. And as most of you know German is a difficult language and people here talk a million miles per hour. So Elder Nilson was talking to someone and I let him do it by himself. I wasn't going to help him at all because I knew he could do it. It was funny because he would as a question.. get a response.. And have no idea what the person said and would look for me to help but I let him go. It's so awesome because he just takes it and laughs about the situation. Like I said.. Life is a lot about our attitudes towards things. Elder Nilson also gave a talk yesterday for his 3rd week in Germany.. And it was really good. He is an elder of courage and has no fear.

I learned this week actually how IMPORTANT it is to take the sacrament.. I have been reading about it and listening to talks about it. There is this talk that is called, "Walking in Gethsemane " I am not sure her name who gives it but it is super solid. Dad, this is perfect for your question. I was listening and she said, "My invitation tonight, is that you will pick a day for your re-baptism. A day to start all over.. That night before you do that, do a cover all. Heavenly Father, please forgive me for things I can't remember, and help me by the spirit to not do it again. But if it be essential that I repent for it individually bring it forth to my memory. And as you ask him for these things, ask in your own words and ask in your own way. I make you a promise, that if you do have to repent for it individually he will bring it forth to your memory... If things don't sit quite right you make an appointment with your proper priesthood leader and then you will be able to follow the steps to make it totally right. When I repent, I go where I can be alone and kneel down. I admit to God that what I have done is wrong! You will be amazed how hard that is to say and then when I am sincere I won't do it again.  And after a certain amount of time I may even lose the desire to commit the sin."

But that brings me to the sacrament part.. Taking the sacrament is us taking the name of Jesus Christ on us. Remembering his name. Just like the talk. It's remembering that we will take the name of Jesus Christ and that we will remember him at all times. It is taking part of the atonement and receiving a remission from our sins. It is a blessing.. I don't know what I would do without the sacrament. It is such an important thing in our lives and is essential to Eternal Life. It is the only way we can become clean. It is renewing our covenant to follow God.

Anyways, sorry just trying to catch you up on the past couple weeks. Hope you all have a great week. I love you all.

Elder Emery

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