Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Week

What a great week to report. This was one of the fastest weeks of my mission. Everyday we were super busy and had a lot of appointments. Which was good but one of my favorite things as a missionary is going contacting. I LOVE talking to people. My mission has definitely changed that in me. We talked to a lot of people still and this was a week to remember.

Whats really cool that we are doing as a mission is we are really focusing using the Book of Mormon in finding people. That is the center of our religion and without we wouldn't have the full gospel of Jesus Christ. So we have this new contact method where we go straight up to someone with a Book of Mormon in hand and we ask them if they know it. Then we have about 10 seconds to bear testimony about it. Most people get a little freaked out at first but then it opens them up about religion. Its been so cool to see how Germans are accepting the Book of Mormon and to see how many more Book of Mormons we are giving out lately. We broke a record as a district this past week and gave 36 Book of Mormons out. It's been so cool.

As contacting like that. Elder Lovelace and I have found 4 new investigators and they are all legit too. Patterson is a kid that is 23 years old and he lives in Brazil but he is here studying. He has been coming and we have been teaching him and he seems so open about things. So we will be teaching him. Another is Sahand and is 25 yrs old. He is from Iran and speaks English. He was Muslim but doesn't practice and believe in that. Another is Boli, he is from Africa and loves Africa. He is a cool guy and is about 40 years old. Another is Emrah. He is from Turkey and speaks fluent English. He has heard about Mormons before and was very interested. He is 27 years old or something like that. But the work here in Darmstadt is seriously picking up and the excitement is there. Germany is such an awesome place. It was really hard for me at first because people are so shut off and don't say hi. But as soon as they see us saying hi to everyone and being friendly it opens them up a little bit. I know that's the culture here but I love these people. Its been a blessing in my life to be working with them.

Another great thing I found out this week is on Tuesday I will be going in again and getting both my big toes worked on to take out the ingrown toe nails. I guess they got so infected and they didn't take the one out the one right last time. So I will be going to get my whole nail taken off tomorrow. I am completely fine but I just thought it was funny. Just another stop in the road for a couple days but that's alright. I will send some pictures for sure. 

I had an awesome week. It has been some of the best times in my life. I love the mission so much. If I had to tell anyone who was thinking about it. I would tell them GO! Its the best experience you could ever experience. It's harder then I expected but I have never felt so rewarded in my life. I have finally found whats important in life. Sports are still in my life for sure. But the Gospel is the number 1 thing in my life. I love it and it has saved my life. Before my mission I wasn't the kid the Lord wanted me to be. My desires were those not of the Lord's. But the Lord has humbled me and is building me back up. My desires are those of the Lord's and I have seen that change in my life. I am doing awesome. I love this Gospel. And I love my mission. 

Hope you all have a pleasant week.

Elder Emery

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