Monday, January 13, 2014

Grüss Euch

What up from here in Germany? Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and you are all happy. This week was really a sweet week. We got a lot of work done and visited a ton of people. My new companion is super sweet and we are enjoying our time here in Darmstadt.

As I have said I have a new companion. Elder Lovelace, he is seriously such a cool guy. He went to Baylor University on an army scholarship and is actually really funny. We get along great and I am so happy that I get to work with him. My last transfer was a little bit harder on me but I know this next one will be great. Elder Lovelace and I are still the University Elders and so that is still fun. We are still working with all of the young single adults. It seriously is so cool because we go to all the activities and just talk to kids our age the whole day. The young single adults are the future of this church and so President has really been focusing on Uni Elders. I think there are 8 of us in the whole mission. It’s been really cool because the younger people are so much more open to talk to. We spend most our days at the University just trying to talk with people, eating lunch, having appointments with people in our ward and just staying busy. It’s been an awesome time and I really enjoy working with Elder Lovelace.

This past week was our transfers and so it was a bit of a slower week for us. Tuesday and Wednesday we spent pretty much the whole day cleaning the apartments. It’s been hard because all the students were on holiday break. But then this weekend is where the work got going again. Elder Lovelace had a talk in church yesterday so on Saturday night he had to write it. While he was writing that I was going through our area book and all the potentials that I found and I called. I must have called 100 people. 70 were not interested, 20 said to call back another week. And we have about 10 appointments with. Yesterday we met with one of those potentials but it was cool. As we were heading to this appointment we met 3 potentials from Tunisia. We invited them to family home evening tonight. It was really cool because they kept asking questions and wanted to learn more. So we are meeting with them tonight. We then met with this potential and he became an investigator. His name is Sahand and he is from Iran. He is a cool guy. You get a lot of people here from other countries. We have a lot of Chinese, Turkish, Africans, Germans, etc. It’s been crazy meeting all different types of people. But I know this is what the Lord wants from us to do. I am super excited to get this work going. This next week we have a really busy week so that is good.

The weather is very bi-polar here in Germany. The beginning of the week it was pretty warm outside then it got to the weekend and got really cold. It has been clear skies at night and so it is beautiful. At times I can’t believe I am in Germany and not even close to home. Ha, but other than that I am just glad to hear that everyone is doing great. These past 2-3 months I have grown so much; not only in myself but in the gospel as well. I love this work. Yes, it's hard. But I know that we are lead through the Holy Ghost to find those prepared people. It’s a great time to be a missionary. I miss you all but I am doing great. Keep up the great work.

Elder Emery

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