Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Week!

So good to hear from you guys. Sounds like an eventful week for sure. That always makes me happy to hear. It always helps knowing everyone is doing well and everyone is healthy back at home. Being so far away you worry. But it's always good to hear that everything is going well.

This week was sooo fast for us. But honestly such a good week. We have seen some pretty amazing miracles and it has been so cool because now we have 10 missionaries here in Darmstadt. This ward is absolutely incredible the way they do things. Of course there are flaws in every ward but I have never seen such a missionary oriented ward in my life. We have 200 active members but our problem is we have like 230 inactive. That is the big problem right now. So our focus has changed to that. We believe that if we can get the ward to reactivate the less actives our ward will double and then that will prepare them to do missionary work. Its been a lot of fun because all 10 of us have different jobs to do. Its been such a blessing working here in Darmstadt. I could be here the rest of my mission and be fine with it. Working with the Young Single Adults has also been really fun. 

This week we met with 3 potentials investigators we had and also a new investigator we have. His name is Boli and he is from Africa. There are a lot of foreigners here in Germany. Its a lot better living conditions. But this guy loves his African culture. He has lived here for about 20 years. The sisters were teaching him before but they gave him over to us. So that is something new that is happening with us. 

We also learned this new contacting technique this week in Zone Training. Its contacting strictly with the Book of Mormon and always carrying it where ever we go. That is the heart and soul of our religion. So we learned how to bare quick testimony about it. One thing I have learned during my time here in Darmstadt is how its good to be b old. I have always been pretty bold before my mission but since I have gotten out here I have gone to a whole different level. When you are bold but show love at the same time people here really have no other choice but to talk to you. Another thing that is helping me be bold is I have changed my mind set a little bit contacting. I am such a competitive kid and so I have learned how I can use that out here on the mission. I am finding ways to be competitive because that is honestly what drives me. So I have made a little competition with myself. I need to pass out 5 Book of Mormons a week. So I am sticking with that  goal and keeping that competitiveness I have in me.

I love this work, even though its very hard. Elder Lovelace and I are enjoying our time together. We are finding new ways to approach the university and its been so cool the people we find. Its been cool to see how much I have grown on my mission and how much fun I am having. My goal still is to really purify myself. Really let my d esires be the Lord's desires!! I have found out that it has been such a blessing in my life to be serving here in Germany. It's really humbled me but I have found about how important the Gospel is in my life. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks again for the support.

Elder Emery

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