Monday, July 1, 2013

2 Months

2 months already done.. Crazy to think! Hope everyone is doing well. I love getting the emails and hearing about everyone’s weeks. Thanks a ton for the support. For the week here in Germany it was kind of a slower week. That is missionary work though. This week was a big tester for me. I had a lot of patience and for the first time I was actually a little homesick. But putting my trust in the Lord and having faith I was able to figure out things and get back on track.

One cool story that happened this week is last Tuesday we had been contacting for about 2 hours after an appointment we had. Honestly everyone we were talking to was just denying us and we felt really down that night. We were in Freidrichsdorf and so we had to take the train back to Bad Hamburg to get to our apartment. As we were getting off the train, there was a lady getting off the train behind us with her bike. Out of our first reactions we started to help her with her bike out of the train and down the stairs. We started talking to her about why we were in Germany and what our purpose was. She began to open up to us and she was telling us how her family needs help. We made an appointment with her for tonight and Elder Lindsey and I are so excited.

This week we went up to Neu-Ansbach to do service for a member family.. We dug holes and ripped out tree roots and honestly it was like digging straight rock. The ground was so hard and honestly felt like we got nowhere. While we were working Elder Lindsey started to get really sick.. So we started to head back to our apartment. He has been in a lot of pain. Yesterday we were in our ward and I thought Elder Lindsey was about to die. He did not look good at all. We had an eating appointment at a member’s house and he ate barely and then just threw it all up so we came back to our apartment a little bit early. He slept and says it’s not getting any better. So I hope he will be getting better. I have been helping him out and I feel like my mom now :) haha Elder Lindsey is such a great guy though and is staying positive.

This week we went on splits. I went over to the Wetterau area with Elder Stimpson, another really cool guy. He is our district Leader and so once every transfer we go on splits. While I was in Wetterau we taught this kid who was really interested in the Church and they found him a week before. He spoke English so I could actually talk to him. It honestly was pointless though.. He just tried to tell us how our religion was wrong and how he wanted to discuss about all the religions. It was really uncomfortable because there were Muslim pictures all over his wall and he tried to give us this book which explained about all the religions. It was getting late about 9:30 and we needed to be back at the apartment and so we tried to get up and go but he would not let us go.. It was super weird! Ha so we told him we would meet with him again sometime and about 10:00 we finally got out.. It was such an uneasy feeling but I am glad I don’t have to talk to him again. ha But I learned a lot from the experience.

Well a little about Germany; the weather has been really crappy here. It’s been in about the 50’s and raining. Some days are super hot and other days are awful. One constant thing here it seems like is it is all cloudy and just dark and a little bit sad. Haha Its crazy.. When the suns out people are so happy and love to talk. Then when its cloudy people are so mad and don’t want to talk. It’s really funny to see but also is really fun. I heard it has been super hot back in Utah. That is crazy numbers it seems like.

Jackson sent me something last week that has really helped me; He said, "If you are not exactly obedient with your thoughts and actions, change that. The Lord will wait for us to do our part before he does his." That has really helped me! We can all learn from that quote and I hope everyone will find something they can change. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I love serving people and helping people out. And yes mom I am a clean freak now.. Everything is so clean. I have definitely learned that :)

Thanks again for all the support. This week was such a big test for me. I have really found out how much I have been blessed in my life. I am so happy to be serving here in Germany. Thanks for all of the prayers and all the letters. It really means a lot. Love you all

Elder Emery

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