Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 5th


Well, I can honestly say that I really enjoy being here and that the spirit is very strong. One thing is I am super tired. My German isn't too bad.. I understand a lot and I'm getting used to it. All class is in German, we go 3 hours straight then lunch, then 3 more hours, plus 2 hours of language study. It's absolutely nuts! But I really enjoy it because I am actually learning.  My branch is awesome and really fun. There are about 15 of us that are going to Frankfurt and the Alpine mission. There are just 8 of us in my district. Our estimated departure date is June 11 (Annie's birthday!) but I'll let you know more when it gets closer. We help each other out a lot. Elder Lassley and I got called to be Zone Leaders! It is a ton of work to do and can be frustrating, but we are doing well.

I am sleeping really well at night but last night I actually turned and fell off my bed. Yeah really stupid! When I first hit, I thought I re-broke my thumb. It was more painful than actually breaking it the first time. But I was in pain for about an hour and just said a prayer because it was super swollen. Pretty much how big it was the first time. I said a prayer asking to strengthen me and not to let this happen to me. By morning all the swelling was gone and my finger just ached. God does indeed answer our prayers!

Today was fast Sunday and can I say it was LONG!! Ha we had a ton of meetings and a lot of studying. I actually enjoyed today. Chad Lewis came and talked at the fireside, then came and gave me a big hug after. It made me feel really good.

Please keep the letters coming! I love hearing from you guys and it makes my day so much better! Know that I love you all.

Elder Emery

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