Thursday, December 18, 2014

Late Post

Wow, I am so sorry this email is late! This coming week we have an incredibly busy week. We have Zone Conferences and so Elder McGinn and I have been working on preparing those this whole time. Things are staying super busy but also really good as well! I find the weeks go by faster and faster as I am here.

This past week was a busy week for us. We went on a couple splits so that was good. I was able to go down to Wiesbaden and work with Elder Noorda.. He is for sure a preach my Gospel missionary and knows exactly what missionary work is.. That was cool serving with him and seeing how he works. I was also down in N├╝rnberg with Elder Allen. Elder Allen is such an awesome Elder and really knows what missionary work is as well. My wish would be to have every missionary be like him. He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and we had a lot of fun. It was stormy that day but we were out contacting in the rain and had a good time together. We also had a lot of service this week. It is always a good feeling forgetting about ourselves and just going to help someone who needs help.

We were able to meet with Daniel again this past week and went through the commandments. He committed to follow them. He is one of the most prepared people I know. He is such a cool guy and I have so much respect for him. He is loving the Gospel and really making huge changes in his life. Whats cool as well is, Jessica invited Daniel and also her Cousin Gabriel who is 13 years old to take the lessons.. We have been teaching Daniel but Gabriel has also wanted to take the lessons so we are teaching him to and he will get Baptized soon. The Lord has been blessing us a lot. The baptism for Daniel is this Saturday so that will be good. The only problem is that we will be traveling the mission the next 3 days for all the Zone Conferences so we won't be able to teach him. Gabriel will be baptized either by the end of this month or beginning of next year. Yet another huge testimony for me why I came back.

 I am so very grateful for the people who have helped me in my life to become the person I am. I have learned so much through all the trials I have had. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real!! We can use it in our lives in so many different aspects. It's all apart of God's plan for us and it's there to make us become better. I want my will aligned with the Lord's will. And in this time I have never wanted it more. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what helps people become happy even in this crazy world. This week as I was reading in Alma I came across this verse.. Alma 36:3 says "And now, oh my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day".

The Lord is waiting for us to be ready enough to be willing to follow his will. I encourauge each one of you to find what the Lord's will is in your life is and do it. Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith. Be strong, live the principles of the Gospel and you WILL be happy. It's as simple as that.

I love you and miss you and pray for you daily, Have a great week!

Elder Emery

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