Monday, May 5, 2014

Zone Leader

So good to hear that everyone had such a good week. Can you all believe it that a year ago I left on my mission. It is a little crazy but I think of the progress that I have made on my mission and the things I have learned I would never take it back.

I just got transferred to Frankfurt as a Zone Leader. My new companion is Elder Baker. Our Zone is the biggest zone in the mission with 35 missionaries or something. It will be something new for me but I am excited for this new challenge. There are 2 wards in Frankfurt. The International Ward which is all the people who speak English and whatever other Language. And there is also a German Ward. I believe Elder Baker and I are assigned to the German ward but we work with both.
I loved serving here in Darmstadt. It was super sad saying goodbye to members. But I loved my time here in Darmstadt and the things I learned. I served here for just about 6 months. I will miss Darmstadt for sure. But the Lord needs me to do something else and so I will do it. I have learned when we put God first in everything we really understand where all our blessings and trials come from. I am grateful for the trials I have had on my mission. They have made me become the person I am today and I am forever grateful.

One of the best parts about serving here in Darmstadt is working with all the Young Single Adults and it’s been super cool and humbling working with them. Over the time here the Lord has blessed us to help these young men. Three of them are going on missions and get to serve the Lord. Others are a lot more confident and overall the Lord has blessed these Young Single Adults because they act in doctrine, they live the Gospel Principles in an ever so crazy world. Why can't we all just notice the change in people in the Gospel and remember? Remember what it can do and what it has done. That is the biggest thing when we are covered with doubt is just remembering what the Lord has given us and those spiritual experiences we have had. “And I exhort you to remember these things.” Moroni 10:27. We as Latter day saints remember that God has given us so much. He gives so much in our lives, so many blessings, so much love. I beg of everyone in the world to come to our Savior, learn of his teachings. If you haven't had a spiritual experience before I beg of you to read and ponder and pray. If need so, repent, the Lord is always there. Humble ourselves enough to be able to receive that answer. This gospel is a gospel of love. I love it with my heart. Do what is necessary to come unto him. Study daily and ponder the Words of Christ so that you can have those spiritual experiences. He sent his only Begotten Son to rescue me and also you from the fiery darts of the adversary. Do everything you can do to come back. I love being a missionary and I know the truth and power of this work.
Elder Emery

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