Monday, May 26, 2014


Well I am glad to hear that everyone's week went by really fast and it was a good week. I really enjoyed this week as well and we got a lot of things done. Things are changing here in Frankfurt and so it is cool to be part of. This week was a blur. Then I look back on my journal and then see everything we did is pretty crazy. This week was full of different things. I had my first Zone Training this week and was able to lead it. Everything went really good. Another interesting thing is that we as a mission are only speaking German in the mission to everyone. It is a new rule from 9:00am to 9:00pm to only speak German because not enough missionaries are speaking well enough. So that has been super cool. It was a great week :)

We just hopped train to train talking with people. I absolutely love talking to people and I really, really enjoyed it. I talked to a lot of people. I can remember one specific one really well. I was sitting there and we were headed back towards our apartment. This guy came and sat down right next to me. The very first question out of my mouth was, “Is there an Antique store anywhere”? I have no idea why I asked that but I did. I was able to have a full on conversation with this guy. He wasn't very faithful he said and that he had his own religion. I knew there was something deeper down, though I just didn't know what. As we were talking, I was bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon and then he started to explain what his situation was. He is 60 years old and grew up in a catholic church but he did not like the way the Priest or teacher treated everyone. He didn't believe that God would treat his people like that. So he left the church. Another reason he said is that he has HIV. That is another reason why he is too scared to go out. He got it with his 2nd girlfriend and so that is why he lives alone. Just these 2 things were holding him back. I love being a missionary because the questions I was asking were straight from the Lord working through me. I could see that so clearly. I bore strong testimony. He didn't take a Book of Mormon but I remember something he said that is important for all of us to learn. He said, “I would love to take the book, but if I take the book, that means I would have to promise you I would read it. But Elder Emery, I don't promise anything I am not going to do”. He knew he needed the book. But I like the honesty he had with me. He said that he already threw his life away. I bore strong testimony, trying everything I could do to get this book in his hands. I ended up giving him a card and told him to call me when he had questions. That was super cool.

As we got off, we realized we had passed the stop we were supposed to get off at. We hopped back on and I sat next to this Filipino girl. She was from Manila and so I contacted her as well. She is here working as a programmer and she will be here for 6 months. I told her that we have 2 sister missionaries that would love to talk to her. She agreed and we gave out the numbers to each other. I love working. I love being a missionary and being able to work in Jesus Christ's name. Being a representative and being able to see things from a different angle. Seeing the world from a totally different view. It is so humbling and I love it. I love being a missionary. This work is true and there are people out there waiting to hear it. I have never loved contacting this much on my mission and it is one of my favorite things now. I love this work.
What was one of the coolest things on my mission so far was tonight. I wrote about Wednesday how we went contacting and got a few potentials. Well one of those potentials is a Filipino named Lyca. I got on the Street Train and I was deciding where to sit when I sat right across from Lyca on the train. I didn't know what to say so I asked her if she was a student. She couldn't speak German but English. She explained to me how she has been working here for 6 months and she only has one more left until she goes back to the Philippines. We talked and I got her contact information and we set up an appt for tonight at 6:00 pm. We were waiting at the church and we had the International sisters there and everything. And she shows up. But what was extra cool was to see how ready she is. She said she has been praying and praying for something to change in her life. That she wanted to really find answers to her questions. But she said about 5 times,  “I am so happy and thankful that Emery found me”. It was such a sweet feeling.             
This week was awesome. I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who has read my blog and has sent me letters. I love learning and hearing everyone's testimony that send letters! Sorry I can't write back but I really keep you all in my prayers and thank you for sending those.  Missionary work is honestly awesome and I love it so much. It is really hard but it is totally worth it. Just seeing people change and also me change as well is super cool. It is different being in Frankfurt because there are a lot of busy things to do in the office but we are getting this area back up. I love you guys. Have a great week.

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