Monday, April 21, 2014

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Monday April 14th, 2014

Wow, what a day it was today. Emailing today was really solid. I was just super happy today and that was a blessing for sure for me. Today during the day we also actually played some soccer and Basketball. Michelstadt and also the Langen Elders came down as well as our district. Today was a bit colder. We were planning on the first place to play some soccer outside but turned out it was super windy and rainy. So we all gathered here at the church and played a little bit of soccer. Soccer is a huge German thing so I think whatever country you are in you automatically inherit the big sport there. All of us are getting pretty good at soccer because that’s what we do a lot. It has been a lot of fun and today was a solid P day. Normally after we are finished up with emailing and playing sports we get ready and then our P day ends at 6:00. After that we just prepared for Family Home Evening. We had the activity again today so we had to do some prep for that. The Clements came and so we helped them with the food. At about 7 is when all the Young Single Adults show up. It has honestly been such a blessing working with them. I have developed so many good relationships with them. The mission or life experiences just show us how we can become better in certain situations and how it is so important that we listen to the Holy Ghost to guide us in our every days. Yes we are missionaries for the Church and we have a special calling. But if people honestly want a direction in their life, they can do it easily. They just need to study in the Scriptures, pray and just Serve others. That’s how we find the true happiness in ourselves. So that has been super cool building a relationship with all the Young Single Adults. So we ate food together. We met a couple Americans on the bus the other day. That was cool from speaking English on the phone. They are 2 super cool kids. So we called them and they showed up. And what was extremely cool was all the Young Single Adults brought them in. They said Hi and asked them how they were doing and everything. It was perfect missionary work. Speaking of Sisters, they are creative. Well, we put in our input as well. To start it off Elder Nilson and I shared the Spiritual thought for 20 people. We shared the Mormon message An Easter Declaration because of Easter this weekend and we just bore strong testimony about Jesus Christ. As we were talking the Sisters were translating to the Non Members that didn't speak German. And it was super cool to see because both Americans were super humble and they just loved the message that we had. They loved it and were super interested. It was so spiritual and so powerful. That helped me realize how Important Jesus Christ is in everyones life and not just mine. He really is our Savior. I love him and I am grateful he was willing to give his life up for mine. After that we started with our activity. WE HAD FUN! Haha, that is my motto on my mission is Just Have Fun. As you all know I actually have found that I am an outgoing guy and like to do epic things. So tonight we played Ultimate spoons. It was cool. What we did was there were cards numbered to 16 with 4 groups of each number. We sat in a circle and when we said 1, 2, 3 pass, the person had to pass one card to their left. And when the person got 4 cards of the same number he had to slap it on the table and then they all ran into the gym and they had to find an easter egg of the color we said. For example we had Yellow, Blue, Red, and green eggs. So we hid them all over the sport hall and they had to find them. The persons who didn't find one were out and then the round goes on. That was a lot of fun and the Young Single Adults loved it. It was so cool to see how different people would use their tactics. Its just cool and humbling to see how much fun they are having and how they have changed since last November when I got here. It’s cool to see that they care for each other and we back up each other in every single way. I love being a missionary here in Darmstadt and this place has such a special place in my heart. I do not want to be transferred from here and if I stay here my whole mission I would be completely fine with it. Just need to keep building these relationships. I love this work.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today was a different day as missionary work goes. We had district meeting this morning over at the church. I wasn't sure how it was going to go because I prepared in such little time. Last night I called Sister Hull about giving a Lesson about whatever she wants to talk about. So we go to the church and we got everything set up. The meeting went as follows: We opened up with a Song and Prayer. Then as missionaries we memorize D&C 4 in German together so we recite that off. And then we recite our Goal as missionaries as states in PMG. Then we get started. Today we talked about all our investigators that we have currently at the moment. Then I talked a little bit about the white handbook. But what was super cool was Elder Nilson sang Oh Lord my Redeemer for all of us. That is such a powerful song and it was super cool and invited the spirit. We then heard a Lesson from Sister Hull and hers was about the Book of Mormon. It was a super awesome Lesson. Then what I did for mine was we did Role Plays. But we put some pressure on the line. I told everyone to think of the way they don't like to contact people, whether it be on a train, or approach or their worst experience. I told them they had to put themselves in that position again and role play for 1 minute 30 seconds in front of everyone. It actually was super sweet and we got a lot done. We learned so much from each other. I love talking to people. But the transitioning from Normal conversation to Gospel is where it’s at. That is where we learn how to bear strong testimony and introduce the Book of Mormon. It was a super good District meeting and everyone really enjoyed it. After, normally the Clements cook for us and so we had a big Lunch with BBQ meat. Real American BBQ sauce too. It was really good. But we were planning on doing a bunch of stuff today then I look over and my companion is just laying there. he was in so much pain that he couldn't move. And so Elder and Sister Clements and Sister Clements sister is actually in town. We all sat with him as we called Sister Schwartz to see if we can get him to a doctor. She found us a doctor. It was super hard and actually quite funny because I speak Good German. But I have no idea how to explain Medical Terms in German and so it was pretty funny having me call the Doctors. Anyways the Clements took us to the Doctors office and dropped us off. He was asking Elder Nilson questions in English. Gave him some pills and we left. He wasn't feeling too good to do anything for the day so we honestly went back to the apartment. We got all our studies in. We listened to a bunch of Talks. And I just took care of Elder Nilson. He took the Medicine. And we rescheduled an appt for tomorrow to go again. So that was our day. Not much to report but just learned and studied the scriptures a lot. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We go into the Doctors office this morning at 9:45 and it is just packed in the waiting room. We waited for a Good 30 minutes and then it was Elder Nilsons turn to go in. We go into the room together and we are just sitting there with this weird looking machine. I have no idea what it is and they have Elder Nilson take off his shirt to see what the Problem was. Man, the doctor walks in and starts putting jelly on this thing and starts rubbing it on his belly. I was so confused. Turns out they were doing an Ultra Sound on his Belly. haha I joked with Elder Nilson that he is having a Boy and he laughed. But boy oh boy was it funny. I remember the first thing I said was “I thought my first time ever doing this would be with my wife” we laughed. But they did do an ultra sound on his belly and checked his spleen, Gall Bladder and everything and everything was fine. So the doctor said to continue to take the pills. So that was good that nothing was wrong. But today was a good day. We had an appt with an older couple who are super nice. They are good friends with President Uchtdorf. We ate lunch with them and then we went in a circle and just bore our testimony about Jesus Christ. It was super cool. It’s cool to see because Easter is this week and they actually have holiday for 3 days because they celebrate it. Germans are very respectful in that way. So most of our lessons are centered around Jesus Christ. It was cool to see everyones different perspective on Jesus Christ and how they have used the Atonement. It only strengthens my testimony to be a representative of him and it is an honor to wear his name on my chest every day. I love being a missionary. After that appt we just went home and Elder Nilson fell asleep for a couple hours. We had an appt again at 6:00. So Elder Nilson and Elder Lee went to that because we are going on a splittonight. Elder Hiel is with me. He is such a cool kid. He is from Brigham City and just a sweet kid.Tonight we had soccer over at the church so we called a bunch of people to come play. Tonight we had like 5 investigators there and a bunch of members. We just play at the Church sports hall. It was a lot of fun. That was pretty much the day. Elder Hiel and I talked about how the mission is such a powerful thing for 18 to 21 year old kids. We both talked about how we were lost before our missions and then we come out and serve and we find ourselves. It was super cool because both our experiences are the same. You just don't know how important the Gospel is in High School because everyone is way too caught up in themselves. I have realized that the Gospel is so important in our lives and I love my mission so much. It has saved me in the Gospel and I thank Heavenly Father for that every day.

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Today I was on a split with Elder Hiel. He was transferred from Frankfurt to Darmstadt and is Elder Lee's Companion. It was also really nice because we have the car for the next week so we were able to drive everywhere. We had a lot planned and we needed to do a ton of things today. Our First appt was over in Rossdorf. We talked about how important Jesus Christ is. We showed him the new video on #BecauseofHim. It was such a cool lesson because the spirit was so strong and we were all focused on the lesson. It was super cool and he is a good friend of mine now. It’s so cool how many friendships you make on the mission. One great thing is that the Sisters brought our packages and stuff back from Frankfurt. So mom I received that package and THANKYOU. That totally made my day and I received it just at a perfect time. I know my family loves me and it made me think that you all are praying for me and that I don’t need to worry. Headed to bed. Another day tomorrow.

Friday, April 18th, 2014

A busy day indeed. We did our studies and everything and I studied in Preach my Gospel about the Authority of our Calling. It was super good and I learned how blessed we are to be missionaries. Today we ended up making Lunch for the other Elders. What has been super nice is having the Car. We have honestly gotten so much done and that is super nice. Today I cooked for the Elders and today we made spaghetti with a little bit of potato in there. It was actually pretty good. Today we also had a service project. WOW, is all I can say. We moved a whole piano up 3 huge flights of stairs. Don't mind the 90 degree turn on each one. It was actually really difficult ha and very heavy. It took 4 of us elders and also 2 other men. It was some work. The weather has been super Bi Polar and was snowing for a little bit during our Fiasco. Overall we got it in after an hour and we were all drenched in sweat. That thing was pretty hard but its always fun because everyone calls us for the hard things to do. Its super funny but we are more then willing to help. After service we drove straight to the Clements house and got changed then headed into Offenbach because the Clements, their sister and Elder Nilson were singing today at a fireside and a baptism. So we packed up and drove 40 minutes to Offenbach. It was really cool actually because I saw Elder Lindsey and then a whole lot of Elders I have never seen in my life. But always seeing Elder Lindsey is super good and I enjoyed it. The baptism and the program was really good. President Schwartz spoke to everyone in the fireside and then we left. We went straight back to Darmstadt where Sister Clements sister bought us all Döners. (A turkish Food) We went back to their apartment and ate dinner with them. It’s always good talking with them because they are such a great couple. And having her sister in town makes it that much more fun. It was a good night. After the Clements we had a few things to go do. We had a referral that the sisters received So they gave it to us and so since we have the car we decided to drive down there. It was all the way down in Alsbach and so it was about a 35 minute drive but all through beautiful Germany so Elder Nilson was super excited. He Enjoyed the drive and was taking a bunch of pictures. Today it was raining and snowing a lot but then tonight it’s that time where the clouds are going away but everything is still green and wet. It was soooo Beautiful and super cool to be driving a car. Plus the weather was perfect. It was like 65 degrees and perfect sunset and every thing. It was a lot of fun. Anyways we went by on this Referral and he was so legit. We rang the doorbell and went down the stairs and there he was standing. He just had a big smile on his face like he just saw an angel or something. It turned out that he Referred himself and that he found it interesting what we do as missionaries and what we believe and he wants to learn more. He didn’t have any time right then and there but we were able to make an Appt for next Friday at 18:00. So we will be going back next week. That was super cool and made us feel better. We have been searching and searching and contacting every day for new investigators but just haven't been successful then the Lord sends us this Referral. It was super cool to see the excitement on his face. As missionaries we go talk to people all day and just get denied and denied so you automatically start thinking that no one here is ready. But then with Lots of prayers and hitting Rock Bottom the Lord seems to pick us right back up. It’s with Life as well. Sometimes I feel as if there is the end and that there is nothing after that and I am done. But it’s not true. Life goes on. The days get better. And we have trials only to make us better. What would be life without trials. We would have no way to learn. Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect for all of us and those of us who actually use it. He gave his Begotten son for us so that we can have a way back to him. As missionaries we make mistakes as well. But the Atonement is always there and that is what is cool during this weekend because it’s a holiday weekend till Monday and so people are really thinking about Jesus Christ. I have learned that for sure. Today was a good day overall. We got a lot done and it was a cool day because we got a lot done.  

Saturday April 19th, 2014

Saturdays are always the day where we are filled with different things. Normally filled with Service projects or something to do with sports. Today was filled with a little bit of everything. This morning we got our studies in. I watched a bunch of Mormon Messages and learned a lot from them. What is cool is we have 2 hours media per week. So where we get to go to a computer and catch up and get familiar with all the Church's media. So I have been watching all the Mormon Messages. I highly recommend these. They are so powerful and very good lessons are learned. We got companionship study in and planned for the day. Then at 10:30 we headed down to the Senior Citizens Home. A sister in our ward normally sets up something where every 3 weeks or so we go down and sing at this home for a 90 year old member in our ward. There are a lot more people there as well. So this morning we went there. Our voices weren't too good today but it was a lot of fun. There are so many different experiences every time we go there. Some of them have Alzheimers and so they forget who we are in about 5 minutes and they will ask us a few times our names and where we are from. They are all really good people. We sang for about an hour then we headed back to the other Elders apartment. We ate some Lunch and then headed up to the Church where we have our Basketball set up. Unfortunately, no one showed up so we played for about 30 min against each other. We played Cutthroat where its 1 on 1. It was a lot of fun and always good to play basketball again. We didn't stay long for the reason that no one showed up. So we went back to the apartment and showered because we were all sweaty. We then had to go to an appt with a family. Such a cool family. They kind of live far and so the drive there was absolutely beautiful. Elder Nilson was loving it, filming and singing during the drive. It was a lot of fun. It took about 45 min to get there. We got there and met with them and they are really cool. They have 4  kids. 14 and 12 are the boys. We have been trying and trying to focus on them. They Both love to play Pokemon and as we all know when I was little I played Pokemon for hours. So Elder Nilson and I talk with them as they play Pokemon and they love talking about it. The other 2 kids are maybe 9 and 7 or so. They are actually good little kids and they love the Gospel. We talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement with them and they were answering all the questions. So that was good. Overall just a great family. We ended up eating dinner with them and have some potatoe salad and some Bratwursts. German's love their meat. Overall it was a good time at their house and we made some progress with them. We are going back again next week and so we are excited about that. We drove back to Darmstadt and we ended up going by one more person who also didn't live at the address. So we headed home and that was our day. It was a really good day and we got a lot done. I really enjoyed the Lessons I learned today. How this Earth is created in so many different ways. How God loves his Children. And how important the Gospel is. I learned that we need to be Studying daily in the Scriptures to stay further away from the Devils Line. How we need to feast upon the word daily. To overcome the temptations of the world. Many things were learned today and I am grateful for that. I have also learned that being a missionary is a very short time. I learned that I can't control what other missionaries do but I can help them by being the example. Always trying to become better and being that person Heavenly Father wants me to be.

Sunday April 20th, 2013

As I was getting ready this morning I was putting on my suit that mom sent me and I loved it. But what was a special moment for me is when I put on my tie. I grabbed a blue tie and I read the back of it and it was the one that had Alex's quote. It says “Love all, Trust a few, Do wrong to none”. It was perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I am enjoying the ride. Today is Easter. A very special day for all of us Christians. I can't wait for Church this morning. We have a busy day today and I am ready. Today was also a solid day. This morning we had church and it is super cool here in Germany is because everyone is so excited because it is such a big Holiday here in Germany. It was super cool and we had a big Program during Sacrament meeting. Overall Church was solid and there were a lot of good things said. Another thing I learned today in Priesthood is that how important it is for us to be true to our calling. To be true to what we say we are going to do. We are all out here on missions to serve the Lord.  It’s cool because I believe we are all on the same Book in Priesthood but it’s the President Joseph Fielding Smith Book and it talked about how true he was to his calling no matter the circumstance. In the church we need to be true to what we say and commit to do. Just like us missionaries. We need to do the things necessary to say we gave Heavenly Father everything. That is what I need to do. I only have one more year left on my mission and this is the year that I want to give everything I have to him. After church we came home and ate some dinner. We cooked some really good spaghettitonight and it tasted really, really good. We planned this next week and got things done with that. Tonight was such a sweet night. We met with this family again. I really love that family. They are such a good family and it has been a blessing to be able to teach them. I am so grateful for them and it is cool to see their happy faces after we leave. They all get so excited and they love the work we are doing. We met with them and had dinner. Tomorrow we got a busy day and I am tired. Goodnight.

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