Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bits from My Journal

Thanks for all the wonderful letters this week. I really enjoyed reading each and every one of them. It’s so cool to see the boys (Treyton and McKade) and how they are growing up so fast. They are so cute. I am feeling a lot healthier and I have a lot of energy. There was just that one night where it honestly was the worst night of my mission. I threw up and threw up and it kept coming and coming. I honestly had no energy and just laid on the floor forever. But I am doing a lot better and I don’t have any more pain anymore in my body so that is good. This coming week we are staying super busy. We have a lot of things planned and so that is good for us. 

It’s sweet that Kentucky is in the championship. Those are all the guys I played with when I was at home. Ha, that is what is so crazy. I hope that everything is going well with you guys. Mom asked me some question so I will answer them. I met a lot of interesting people this week. A lot of people were super nice this week and we had a lot of good conversations. When we dress up in our suits people really enjoy talking with us. Must be our looks right?:) ha

My companion and I are doing great still. We set new goals for the transfer and getting things started. We get along really well and everything is going well. The best thing about my mission this week was reading a talk titled "To young men Only" It was exactly what I needed to hear. Through this whole week I learned that I can forgive people and move on. 

I have to give a lesson on Ammon being such a strong missionary. I loved the way he does things. He does things out of love and asks people to serve them. I loved exactly how in conference it talked a lot about how we are super selfish as people and that we need to start looking after people. I absolutely loved that because that is a huge thing I have learned on my mission. How I can become better.

Tuesday was also a really good day for us. We actually got all of our studies in and were able to learn a lot. We had an appt. with Brother Mputu. He is from Congo Africa and is a less active. It was such a cool lesson. We talked about how the Gospel is 100% right but people of the Gospel are not perfect. He started opening up to us. The problem is that he is always working on Sunday so we need to find a solution for that. He’s a super cool guy. He was talking about trust and being “Brothers” He was explaining about how in Congo when you are 8 years old you are sent into the Jungle for 3 months. If you survive, you are a man. You have nothing, so you have to really be intelligent. It was cool how he used it to relate it to trust. He said after that, a 7-8 year old is done, he is a Man. He related that to trust. He is then the Man of the house and you can trust him because they test you whether or not you can make it. Another cool lesson we had was with a kid named Marcell and his family. His mom always tries to do scripture study with him but he just does not want to do it. So we as missionaries have a good relationship. He loves video games and everything and plays a lot. So what we did was went over to his house and read with him and his Mom. It was a lot of fun and we read 2 Nephi 31 with him. What we must do to receive eternal life. How powerful is this chapter; about baptism, and enduring to the end.  Life is tough. That’s why we have the Gospel. To always follow the right path. At the end of the night we had a lesson with also another 15 year old named Glyndor. We have a lesson or so then usually play a board game or something to build that relationship. Glyndor is way cool and it has been cool going and helping him out.

I love this Gospel, it is so true. I love how bold the Speakers were during the conference. It brings so much power and we honestly need to be a lot better people in this world. Sometimes we forget. I love how every single conference they talk about repenting of our sins, not holding grudges, and forgiving others. I loved the power from Elder Holland’s talk..I thought all the talks were great and were exactly what we needed to hear. I love this Gospel. This work is the Lords work.
Have a great week and I will hear from you all next week. I love you

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