Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Long Letter

Hope you enjoy this week and the adventures we had. Have a great week!

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Today was our P-day and these days are always great when they come around. They come around at exactly the right time every week. It’s right at the point where you feel burnt out and don’t feel as if you can go forward. Tonight we finished emailing at 6:00 pm. We had to prepare the church for Family Home Evening. As Uni/YSA Elders it is super cool because we get be at every activity. Unfortunately none of the people we talked to came. But it still was a solid night and we had a good number show up tonight. Daniel is a good friend of mine and it was cool because he told me he sent in his papers a couple weeks ago. He is such a great kid. He is already prepared to go on the mission. He knows a whole lot about the Gospel. Next week he wants to come study with us in the mornings. So that will be good. Get him prepared for his mission right?! We finished up with some dinner and then Nanchuan wanted to play some basketball with me. So him and I, Daniel and Pauline all went to the gym and played some basketball. Nanchuan is such a good kid. He got baptized a couple years ago. And is going to finish school then go and serve a mission. He just has one more year of school and that is it. Overall tonight was really solid. We got a lot done today and the relationships we are building with all the Young Single Adults is going great. One more thing; during the spiritual lesson and I was just sitting there and this sentence came into my head and I believe it applies to me in every single way: “Enjoy Life, Have fun, Enjoy the blessings from Heavenly Father”.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Today was a busy day. This morning we got some personal study in. I had a little Lesson today in Zone training so I prepared for that. It was about one of my favorite missionaries in the Book of Mormon.. Ammon! I talked about how Ammon was an example, Reliable and Hardworking and how we all need to be as Ammon. Serve the people out of love. This work is only going to get harder and harder. It was a good lesson. I am learning the most out of the things I teach. How bad do you want it, right? Today we had Zone training down in Heidelberg. It is about a 1 hr 10 min train ride down there. It was actually a very good training. We sure learned a lot. I learned a lot about how I can become better. We learned about 4 solid things that I believe all of us can benefit from. We learned about Agency, Responsibility, Taking control of your life, and Accountability. These are vital for us to make progress. Especially when we want others to trust us. One thing that I thought was really cool and spiritual was President was there doing interviews but he came in and did a little lesson. He talked about how people are praying for us. And it was cool he asked us the question “What is your Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister praying for you about”? It really hit me, sometimes as missionaries we think our families forget about us. Sometimes we don’t even realize that our Family is praying every day about us. The mission is very tough. We need all the prayers we can get. It was super cool because we went in a circle and everyone had to say something. The spirit was super strong and I believe we all learned something new. Today some of the things I learned at Zone training were Being Bold, Honest in Everything, Be like Ammon, No hypocrisy, Love and serve God till the end. Overall it was a great conference. After the conference we all rode back to Darmstadt. We were supposed to meet a Potential Investigator tonight but she called and canceled on us right when we got to Darmstadt. I have to be honest. It has been extremely hard these past 2 transfers. When Elder Nilson got here we had 5 investigators and all 5 of them left. Elder Nilson and I are finding and finding and we are not seeing any success from the work. Him and I get along really well. But we just not have seen any success whatsoever. We have tried everything and will still continue to do everything we can. That has been a little frustrating because you want to see things you do. It’s like shooting Free throws. You mark how well you are doing. Say you shoot 5/10 and then next time you want to go up making a couple shots to 7/10 or something. But you keep shooting and shooting and every time you keep shooting 5/10 and you’re just stuck. No matter what you do or how hard you work it is always going to be 5/10. We are doing everything we can to contact all our Potentials we have ever met. And also find people who are ready. But that’s okay. So we went finding for some time and then came home and called a bunch of Potentials. We talked to some people and only made one appt with one of them. So hopefully this will go good.  I am tired. Goodnight.

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Today was another long day of meetings. Today was the Golden Trainers meeting. So all the new missionaries and their trainers go to this meeting to learn about how the mission life is and how we can be better missionaries. The meeting started at 11:00 and ended around 5:00 so it was a lot of sitting. But the things we learned were perfect. We learned so many different things and it was super cool. We were talking about Stress Management on the mission and being humbled. The meeting was super good. It was really good because I saw some of my closest friends as well. I saw Elder Lindsey, Elder Lovelace, Sister Chard, Sister Carlson, and Elder Bonzo. It is always fun to see some of your really good friends that you served with. So that was fun. I learned a lot today. The number one thing I learned today which I have used all my life was this, “There is no growth in the Comfort zone”. That was powerful to me today. After the meeting we came back to Darmstadt. We had a lesson again with this family. They are honestly such a cool family. They are all just crazy and have fun doing what they do. They are fun and outgoing and its always fun when we go over there. We read together in Alma 18. Always such a great chapter to read. After the visit, we rode back up to the church. It was cool because on the way we were talking with people. And then the other Elders called us. We picked up the phone and obviously started speaking in English. As we did that and got off the phone these 2 American kids came over and started talking to us. It was super cool because they came over and started talking to us. They were from California and the other one Philadelphia. They are actually studying here. We invited them to sports and to family Home Evening. They said they will come next time. So that was cool. We got to the church and we had Ward council tonight. So we talked a lot about missionary work in there. That was a cool. The ward is catching on and getting excited about missionary work. So we are just trying to find people to teach. Overall today was a great day and we got a whole lot done.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

This morning we got our studies done. We are singing this Saturday in a ward thing for Langen Ward. So we practiced this morning on our song. One thing I can say is I cannot sing whatsoever. Our family was not blessed with that talent. Haha, but we then came back and got a bunch of planning done for the coming week. We set some appt up for this weekend.

Friday, April 11th, 2014

After yesterday we got a good nights rest last night. I slept really good. I fell asleep at about 9:30. We just go and go and go and never get any breaks. So I decided to just crash last night. We finished with planning and then moved on. Today was a good day. It was another day of holding strong to the faith. We had 3 less active lessons tonight. The first one was with a member. We talked about the talk from General Conference about sleeping through the Restoration. We talked about how we need to rise up. How we need to be as people. And just have fun in life and enjoy the ride. We have our mistakes we make. But this life is all set up for us. I learned a lot about each and every single situation on my mission. We had another appt out in Crumstadt again with another Less Active family. It took about 1 hour from Eberstadt out to Crumstadt on the bus. We met with this family. We have been meeting with them for the past few weeks. He works a lot and says he is too tired on Sundays and that is his rest day. His wife is super nice and just supports her husband. So we promised them the blessings they will get when they come to church. And had a great lesson there. That was a solid lesson and the spirit is always there in these lessons with them. That appt. ended our night because we had to take the bus all the way back. Today was a solid day and even though there were doubts, There was a lot of Hope and Faith as well.

Saturday April 12th, 2014

This morning we finished our studies. I have really been studying Preach my Gospel. It has such a power and so many good things in there. Whether you’re a missionary or not. This book is a book of learning. I learned lots of new insights with it and my goal right now is to be a Preach my Gospel Missionary. So it has been good studying that. Today we played basketball with a couple potentials that we met. That was a lot of fun. Boy oh boy am I out of shape. Running back and forth. What’s funny is you never really know how much direction change you use in basketball. So as we were playing I kept getting really dizzy. One time I had to even go sit down. I wasn't sick but it was just funny when you are not playing everyday and haven't played a legit basketball game in a year. You really feel it. That was good and a lot of fun. After that we went into Langen. There was a singing concert at the church there that one of our Young Single Adults set up. It was a great program about Jesus Christ and being the Savior of the World. It was really cool. There were a bunch of songs sung and a lot of scriptures read about his life. That was really cool and we had a great time. After that we went contacting and talked to a lot of people and actually gave a Book of Mormon out to a friend of ours that we ride the Bus home with every night. This guy we see a ton every night when we are coming home. He works at a hotel so we always joke with him and we brought up the Gospel and he took a Book. So that was cool. Another busy day and glad that I learned so much today.

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Fast Sunday is always a good day because we get to hear so many different testimonies. Church today was really good and we got a whole lot done. Today at church this guy showed up and so Elder Nilson and I talked with him. He was a little skeptical but we talked to him about the first vision and what we believe. He is a German Guy just searching for the Truth I believe. He said that there are 160 churches in Darmstadt or something and that he has visited 143 of them and that he will visit all the other ones. It was super interesting. He left after Priesthood Meeting. Not sure if he had much interest. Church was good. Its always good because we just get to talk to Members the whole day so that was cool. Everyone today was super happy about everything. After church we went down to Seeheim. We went and visited with a young family of 3 who I care about a ton.  They are super cool. The mom served here 5 years ago as a missionary and actually converted him as a missionary then came back a couple years later and married him. He has such a sweet conversion story that I want to get from them. We talked about Jesus Christ and how he helps us in our lives. They have a lot of questions that aren't necessary. I think they have a lot of doubts. So we are helping them realize that some questions we don't have to worry about. But that was a good lesson. We came home and I had to do call-ins with all the elders and sisters. It was good day and a solid week. Learned a lot of different things this week that were very up and down.

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