Monday, February 3, 2014


What a week here in Germany. There's not much to really talk about because I was sitting the whole week and I literally went crazy. But I am glad you all had a great week. Plus its a new month and we have 2 birthdays in the family this month. Everyone is getting older and the time keeps continuing to fly.

As I said before, this week was a really slow one for me. Because, on Tuesday I went and got both my big toe nails taken off.. ha that was again a fun experience. The only painful thing with that is getting the shots. Apparently we have 4 nerves in our toes and so when they do the shots they hit all four nerves in 2 shots.. That is the most painful part. And then they just pop them off. I was fortunate that we have The Clements, an elderly couple, here in Darmstadt that serve with us. So I actually stayed with them for 3 days while my companion went out and did the normal routine. It was very difficult on me because I do not like sitting at all. And so that made the time go super slow and everything. I was supposed to sit even longer but on Friday I couldn't take it any longer. So I ended up walking on it. And now its better! But that was the adventure this week. 

On Friday we went down into Michelstadt for a street display we had down there. When we first got there Elder Lovelace and I were playing catch with an American football. And people would love it. We talked to these kids that were 16 years old and ended up giving them a Book of Mormon. That was really cool. Michelstadt is also VERY pretty so I will send some pictures home. We were able to contact and talk with some people. It has also been absolutely freezing this past week. It's also pretty humid so its like a bone chill cold. But that was good.

My toes are feeling better. I can walk and do everything. Just funny how inconvenient that was. You never really know how much you use your toes until you cant use both of them. Then its a struggle. But just another adventure during the mission. Also, I hit an all time mission high for me.. I am up to 15 pounds gained!! Crazy stuff!! I am doing great though. I am so happy to be a missionary. I am growing every day. I still have a long ways to go. But the Lord works with us when we are patient. I love this work. I love you guys. I hope that you have an awesome week. 

Elder Emery

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