Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Nilson

(Background story... Our Stake President in Alpine has a son who is Nick's age and was called to Frankfurt. Nick was really excited to hear that he was going there.. His name is Elder Nilson. So that is who Nick is talking about later on).

Hey Hey,

Wow, what a week for me. It was such a solid week and I am really excited to finally get things started. One thing that got me really excited was hearing where Eric and T.J are going!! I am so pumped for them to come to Europe and to experience it. We will all be out here serving the Lord and it will be such a good feeling. But they still have some work to do there and win some championships. I am happy about that. And also that you all had a great week. That is always good to hear. I had a great week as well.

To start of the week we had our investigator Emrah actually cook food for a Family Home Evening activity we had last Monday night. It was honestly sooo cool. He cooked some Turkish food for us and it tasted really good. It is just cool to see how integrated he is into all the Young Single Adults. It's super cool to see how happy he is. He has become a great friend of mine and Elder Lovelace's. Sad thing is that he will be leaving this week back home... So we have to refer him over. But we will still have the friendship we built with him. He is such a cool guy.

Sooo a cool story for you all. On Wednesday I went into Frankfurt with Elder Bonzo as we were called as the new trainers for this next cycle. We were to meet at Presidents house at 4:00 p.m. and meet the new missionaries and eat some dinner. It was super cool.. I walk in the door, I talk to president and his wife. Then Elder Lindsey and I go around the corner and Elder Nilson is just standing there and then got super excited. It was really cool to see someone I know! He looked so happy and so good. I got to talk to him during dinner and everything and he sounded so happy and was just loving everything. The new missionaries left for their hotel and then the trainers stayed for a meeting with President. At this point we still don't know who our new missionary is going to be yet. He doesn't announce that till the next morning. So what was cool was Elder Bruneel and Elder Lee gave me a call that night and asked me who I am training. And I told them 100% that I was training Elder Nilson. I just had a feeling that was who I needed to train. So they kept my word to that. We sleep at the hotel that night and the next morning is the pairing session. President starts the pairing and there were a few elders before who got paired up and then it shows my face with.... Elder Nilson!!! Haha we were both SOOO pumped. Again he was super happy and it was cool to see the happiness in him.

Since that day we have already seen miracles that I haven't seen my whole mission. We got back to Darmstadt and we were headed up to the church and Elder Nilson see's this kid with a guitar.. He contacts him just like a boss and gets his number and we hopefully will be meeting him this week. We saw even more miracles after that. We were waiting for a train and these two kids come up and just start talking to us. And we give out 2 more Book of Mormons. The coolest story of all that I will never forget about Elder Nilson.. We were headed to an appointment and we just got onto a train and I sit down with someone across from me. And he looks at me and says, "Elder Emery, those girls have a ukelele.. I need to talk to them." The next thing I know it he is playing the ukelele and SINGING on the train. You have no idea how good this elder can sing. He was singing and everyone on the train was just loving it. He started singing "Jason Mraz I'm Yours." The one girl had her Go Pro out and was filming him.. It was super cool to see how much people were just so interested and how they loved it. But it doesn't stop there.. On our way back Elder Nilson is just standing there and this kid just comes up to talk to him and says he has a ton of interest about the Mormons and was speaking English with him. What was important and was very cool to see for me was the smile Elder Nilson had on his face and how excited he was. The miracles we have seen and the happiness he brings is incredible. I am lucky to be training Elder Nilson and I know he will be a very successful missionary. 

We ended up giving out 5 Book of Mormons in the past 4 days since he has been here. We have about 5 new potentials and the work here is just continuing to be successful. It's been such a good week. I hope you know that I love you guys and I am loving the new experiences I receive every day. This work is the Lord's work. I am just grateful he gives us the chance to be apart of it. I'll listen to the council of this past weeks Stake Conference. We also had that here in Germany. The Lord is Hastening His Work. Pray continually and serve daily. When we do these things we can find that true light of Christ in us. Have a great week. 

Elder Emery

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