Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick letter


Seems like everything is going good besides you all being sick. That is not good to hear and I am sorry that happened. Being sick is not fun but I hope you feel a lot better now. This week was an awesome week for us. I learned a ton this week.

So to begin the week, we had a meeting with all the missionaries that were in the MTC with me. I got to see my old companion Elder Lassley and all my buds from the MTC. I was super excited and it was a lot of fun. It was the Golden Trainers meeting so we all met up and had a meeting down in Offenbach. The topic was the Atonement. It was so cool and was so spiritual. I absolutely loved it. That day was super rainy too and just the dark clouds too. We had to walk a long way too so we were just drenched. Elder Lindsey had to stay in Frankfurt for a meeting so I was supposed to go to Weterau with those elders. We got to the Bahnhof (train station) and realized that there were no trains going out. The weather was too bad and I guess there were trees all over the tracks. So we ended up waiting about 4 hours till the zone Leaders came and picked us up. It was super hectic at the Bahnhof. It was actually a really interesting day and a lot of fun.
So I stayed in Weterau that day and then I actually stayed there again on a split with Elder Henderson. Since my companion is District Leader I get the opportunity to split with everyone in the district and experience something new. So I was up in Weterau twice this past week. That place is absolutely beautiful. This week I get to go to Usingen. It’s cool just experiencing different areas. I learn so many things.

Friday when I came back from the split, Elder Lindsey and I had an Investigator appt. with Jose. It was incredible. We set a Baptismal Date!!!! I was sooo happy. It’s for Aug 31st. It was the coolest feeling also. We asked him to get baptized and he said he wanted to but he wanted to ask Heavenly Father if he should. So we all got on our knees and he said a prayer. Once he was done with the prayer it was silent for about 30 seconds. Then he just said. Yep I need to get baptized!!!!! I was so happy and the spirit was so strong. We are so excited for Jose. He is such a great guy. So we actually have 2 baptisms that day. And we are teaching a family of 3 right now and they are super interested. The work here in Germany is picking up.
Another cool but sad experience we had was on Friday night.. We were eating with Christian Ottiker.. (one of the coolest guys) and we received a phone call from the sisters saying that an older lady in our ward, (about 85 years old) had fallen walking home from her temple work. She fell right on her face and actually broke her nose and her face was sooo swollen. So we went over there after our appointment, we knocked and saw her and it was so sad.. Her face was so swollen and did not look good at all. We asked if she was hurting and she said "No, Not at all." We walk in and look at the table and it is set up for dinner... that hit me hard. At a time where she had just barely broken her nose, she wasn’t caring about herself but she was caring for us. At a tough time for her she was thinking about others and not herself. I learned that even through hard times to care for others. That is what our Savior did for us. And she did the same thing for us. The blessing was so strong and I absolutely learned sooo much.
So yesterday at church I actually had a talk.. Wow it was so awful..  I sounded so bad. Ha but it was really cool. We had 7 investigators come to church!! That is unheard of and we were super excited.

I love you all.

Elder Emery

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