Monday, October 13, 2014

Back in Germany!

Guten Tag!

Well I guess you could say this was my first week down.. ha honestly was a great week though! I feel like I received a ton of answers on what I need to do and things in my life.. I have finally understood why I needed to come home and why I am back here.. It was super tough being home and I have never felt that lost and desperate in my life! But I am glad that the Lord put me through that because it only helped me grow that much more.

This week was full of everything that could ever possibly happen to a missionary.. ha we stayed super busy and were all over the place and mission! I've got two of the greatest guys as companions and I love these guys. They have already helped me so much with decisions and Elder McGinn and Elder Lindsey are great! This past week I have received a lot of answers to prayers and unknown questions I have had. The Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes we are so confused why we have to go through things or what the purpose of those things are.. But the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us. We just have to have an open heart and continue to push forward.

We went on a few splits this week. We drove over to Kaiserlautern to go on a split with a couple Elders there who are working in the American Area. That was great because I got to work with Elder Rogers who is such a great Elder but just hasn't seen a whole lot on his mission.. We had a very successful day and we just went and talked with so many people. We ended up setting 5 potential investigator lessons up and both the Elders there were super happy. It was good for me to experience because I love talking to people and contacting and it was great to get to do that again and see some success out of it. The next day we then drove over to Nürmberg which is about a 3 hr drive. And we had yet another great split there and has a street display. Saw a couple really bad incidences tho.. I was driving down there in Nürmberg with Elder McGinn and Elder Ward and I wanted to turn left.. as we were turning a train hit a dude and killed him! Yet again seeing everything as missionaries.. Super shocking and nothing that no one ever wants to see.. But it showed me how delicate our lives are and how careful we need to be in this world. Just be careful and know that I will be careful here as well! But I got to see President and Sister Schwartz again!! That was awesome, Elder Lindsey is leaving in a couple weeks so we dropped by their house and had lunch and stuff with them. He is a patriarch and said some very cool things to me that I will never forget and have written down for sure. They are amazing people and they live over in Feucht down by Nürmberg. we stayed super busy this week so that was good.

I love serving the German people and now get to serve Missionaries through out the mission. I have to be honest it is very difficult re adjusting back to missionary life.. But we sometimes have to do hard things in life. I am grateful for the experiences and the rollercoaster life I have had in the past 18 months but I am super excited to serve the Lord with everything I have these next 6 months.. The Lord is Good as I always say because he is. I love this Church and this Gospel. I have so much more to learn but I am excited what these next 6 months have in store for me. I love you guys, Happy to hear you are doing well!

Elder Emery

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