Monday, July 21, 2014


Wow, makes me happy that you all had a great week! I would say the same thing that it was a really good week here in Germany. I would say for me it was one of the slowest weeks on my mission by far because I was not able to do anything. But what was cool is that I got to study quite a lot and really just find out who I really am. I loved it anyways. But that makes me happy that you are doing good.

First off, like I said before, this whole week my foot was actually really swollen for some reason and the doctors kept telling me to stay down. And you all know me, I can’t sit in the same place for a long time or else I go crazy. But I would say I did pretty good for the most part. But the times I did get up was when my foot would swell up and get all big and disgusting. haha funny story… One day after zone training some missionaries were going to go eat. And here is the funny but sad thing. Elder Lovelace (My old Comp) last Monday was playing volleyball with the Elders and Sisters. He jumped up to hit the ball and came down and messed up his knee, so him and I were actually together the whole week. My companion just went with his two companions. It was actually really good because we had a lot of really good talks about Gospel Doctrine and just about life in general. It was actually really solid. But by the weekend him we were back up and good to go. I will mainly tell you about what happened this weekend in my email.

Saturday I was able to go on a split with one of our district leaders.  What is funny is that he speaks absolutely no English. He is from Switzerland and was born here in Germany. So during language study I actually helped him with his English. That day we had 3 different lessons planned. I was so stoked because I had just been sitting and doing nothing the whole week before. Each lesson was very special and so spiritual for some reason. I also loved being out because I could talk to people on the streets. I don’t know what it was but we were going on this stretch of about 100 yards and I contacted about 10 people in 5 minutes and gave out 2 Book of Mormons. I missed that feeling the whole week! Ha, but we taught about some solid truths about the Gospel. It is sad because each lesson we had was with inactive people. They have problems with people in the Church but they know the Church to be true. Sounds really dumb but that’s just how it is. They take everything really serious and they honestly are not fully converted to the gospel. IF we are converted to the Gospel we will go to church no matter the circumstances. The people of the Church are not perfect but the Gospel is perfect. It brings happiness when we live it. I know that to be true. All three lessons were really good and we were just bold with them. It was cool to get out of the apartment and office for a while. By the end of the day though I was absolutely dead. It’s one thing speaking German with your companion because we sound a lot alike when we talk. But being with a German that speaks as fast as he does really just drains the energy right out of you. It was really good and I really enjoyed that split.
Yesterday we were able to go to church and teach the primary class. That was a lot of fun! The kids are so funny and some of the things they say are really funny. We talked about the Holy Ghost and did a little activity with it. We asked the question, "What do we learn from this activity"? and one kid screamed, "Nothing"! haha I laughed, straight comedy! So that was good. Another really cool thing that happened was that a recent convert today was able to come to church and brought his wife and daughter. But what was really special is that he actually received the Priesthood. He absolutely loved it. He got a certificate and he was showing all the members and just smiling.

I know this Gospel brings happiness. Sometimes I don’t understand everything right there and then. But through time the Lord really does bless us. He helps us understand through time what we need to do in order to receive the full blessings of the Gospel! I have really learned in the past few weeks to just to trust in the Lord’s plan for me. Even when I don’t understand why things happen. But the trust that I have in the Lord and in missionary work is continuing to go up and I love it. I love this work. I know that we are all children of God. I have a strong testimony about our attitudes of life. When we decide to be happy and look at all the positive things of life, that’s when the Lord can bless us! Thanks for everything. I wish you guys a blessed week.

Elder Emery

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