Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey, Hey, Hey

Well, Thanksgiving is just right around the corner! Too bad Germans don’t celebrate this Holiday. But we are headed to a member’s house and eating there. I am super excited for that. I get to eat more and more. I have already gained that 13 pounds so what more can turkey do? No, but I am so happy that everyone is doing well. I am great as ever. I am so happy. And what things happened this week what I will share.

This week on Tuesday we were doing our morning studies. Just enjoying the morning and relaxing. We received a call from Shirley.... December 14th will be her baptism. I was so excited for her and I just knelt down on my knees and thanked Heavenly Father. It was such a cool feeling. And that’s why I am out here on my mission. Elder Smith, Elder Lindsey and I were all just super humbled. Because we have seen the gospel in action in Thomas and Shirley’s lives and it has honestly just changed us. I absolutely love this gospel. They are so much happier and just enjoying everything. This week Thomas will be getting baptized and that is going to be really cool.

Also, this Saturday are our transfer calls. It’s always a scary time because you get in an area and you just learn and love all the members and people you teach and then you have the opportunity to go somewhere else. I am super nervous because I have been here for 4 transfers already and it’s still my first area. But I know the Lord sends us to these places for a special reason. I know that he watches over and protects us. But I will be super excited if I stay because I absolutely love it here in Friedrichsdorf.

Also, that Kevin kid that we met last week we had the chance to teach him. It was such a cool lesson. We have a member in our ward who actually recovered from drugs through the gospel so we went over to his house to teach him. We taught the power of the Book of Mormon and how that can help him overcome this challenge. He is 14 years old. It’s really sad here in Germany because you can honestly get cigarettes in a vending machine. But we will continue to teach him.

This week we met with a lot of members and less actives. It was a good week. We are staying busy. I am sorry that this letter is shorter. But know everything here in Germany is going great. I love you all.

Elder Emery

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  1. Here's a German joke I made up for you: what do German turkeys say? Fork, fork (think Gabel) ha ha, how you like it!!