Monday, November 4, 2013

Baptismal Date!!

This week was a lot better for Elder Smith and I. I absolutely love being a missionary and seeing how it changes people’s lives. Yes, the mission is very tough. But I know that this is God’s work and he shows us that every day. I learned a lot as a person this week and definitely humbled me.

Thursday we met with the Schuette Family. And I can honestly say it was the coolest thing I have ever felt. We went into the lesson to kind of answer the questions they had about everything. We brought our Bishop from our ward here there and he taught with us. We started talking about Gods plan and why we are on the Earth. That God has a plan for us and he is happy when we are happy and sad when we are sad. But no matter what he is ALWAYS there. The lesson started going into the Holy Ghost and how he is the testifier and the comforter for us. The spirit was super strong. We then started winding it in to baptism and how that is our first covenant into the Lords kingdom and how being baptized you will have the Holy Ghost by you all the time. As we were talking about it we ended up setting a baptismal date!! Thomas will be baptized on the 23rd!!!!! I was so excited for him and Shirley. Shirley is so close to being there. She might get baptized that same day she just wants to see what a Baptism is like so we are going to Frankfurt on Saturday and watching a baptism with them. I am very excited. I know she will feel something special and be able to follow in Thomas' footsteps. She is so sweet. Thomas is very excited for that day and I know his life will change even more. It’s been incredible starting from the beginning and seeing how much they have changed and how much I have changed. I absolutely love it and never been so happy. So we will continue to teach them but I know I am very humbled seeing their progress from the very beginning.

I have been very blessed serving in this area and I have seen so many miracles so far. I know the Lord put Elder Smith, Elder Lindsey and I in this area for a specific reason to teach Thomas and Shirley. We have built such a great friendship and it’s been absolutely amazing teaching them. The Lord definitely knows where people are supposed to be. I know I have needed this in my life to change me. I have honestly been changed and it has been absolutely awesome. I wouldn't change this chance to serve. It’s the best thing ever.

I know that we are on this Earth for a reason. My testimony of the Gospel has just changed me. Seeing people change their lives and seeing how happy they are has changed me. I am so grateful for this everlasting Gospel. That I can live with my family forever. I know Jesus is the Christ. He atoned for our sins and I have seen that in my life. I know we are called and lead by God as missionaries. This is his work and we are called on missions. Our life is a mission to find those people who are lost and don't have this Gospel. I know that we can change our lives if we just give our hearts to our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes as missionaries you don’t think you can go forward anymore. Sometimes it feels like the end and everything happens that can be super frustrating. There are a lot of down parts on the missions but I know God works in patience. We need to be patient as well. Let him build us as people and continue in Patience. I love this work.

Germany is great as ever. It has been super wet the past couple of weeks. One thing that is sometimes hard is that it has been so dark and gloomy. It has been getting really cold here too. Nights have been freezing and it’s been raining a lot. But that doesn’t stop missionary work so that's good. I have been catching a cold or something so hopefully I will get over it soon.

I love you all. I am doing really well. I am hanging in there and enjoying every day possible.

Elder Emery

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