Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy Schedule

I am so sorry I didn’t write a letter last week. We have been super busy and it’s been hard to write. Thanks for all the emails I have received this week. It has been such a humbling and great two weeks out here in the field. I am so grateful to be serving as a missionary and being able to carry our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s name on my chest. I wouldn’t change it for anything.
First off, last week during the week President called me and was super excited to talk about something new I will be doing. He was talking about how our focus is on the Young Single Adults and how we can come up with ideas to find new young people. One thing he asked me to do is to start up a little basketball clinic which will be held 1 time per week for the next few weeks. He has been talking to me about new ideas with that. So it’s kind of cool how we are working with that. So far it is going really well. We have been playing basketball here in Bad Homburg and have received a good amount of contacts doing that. The people here love playing with us because we are not Germans. It is so funny but it has been a fun way to receive and to talk to new people. Even though I can’t speak "Basketball German" it’s been pretty fun.
Another cool thing that is happening this week is Akua is getting baptized! The story is really cool about her so I will do my best to explain it in detail.
So it was about my fourth week here in Germany and I couldn’t speak the language at all and really been struggling with understanding. I thought I would never be able to learn this language. We were coming home from the night and I was really down. We were seriously just right outside our apartment when this lady just smiled at me.. Elder Lindsey was on the phone and so I decided to say hi to her. We had a little conversation and she told me she was from Ghana and I told her that my best friend was in Ghana.. She got super excited and we exchanged contact information. She lives right behind us all by herself. We went and visited her one day and she was super happy. We told her that we couldn’t teach her because it would be easier if the sisters would teach her. There is a rule where we can’t teach a lady in her house alone. So we passed her along to the sisters. She has come to church ever since and was really excited. The sisters have been teaching her since July and have been doing such an awesome job. She doesn’t speak much German and it was hard for her. But our ward has brought her in so well and been teaching her German. The sisters set a baptism date with her for this next Saturday the 19th and she has been really excited about that. The coolest part about the story is that she came up to me last Sunday and asks to speak with me. So she pulled me over to the side and just smiled and said, "You are the one who found me.. Will you baptize me?" ... I never felt the spirit so strong and just said yes! So this Saturday I will be baptizing her and I am very excited. It’s been really cool to see the success here in Friedrichsdorf. I have been so blessed to work here and work with such great elders.
Thomas, Shirley and David are greater than ever. They seriously are the best. This past Saturday we met with them and the spirit was sooo strong. We talked about baptism a lot and how it takes time to receive your answer. Patience is the key to everything I feel like. Shirley is doing such a great job and it has been so cool how much she has changed. She is so much happier. She is such a loving lady and always is looking after Thomas and David. Thomas is such a cool guy. He is like a brother to me. He reminds me a lot about my brother Alex.. Exactly the same! I always tell him he reminds me of Alex and it makes me miss him a lot. But Thomas has seriously changed so much. David is such a happy little kid. He is so smart and willing to learn about anything new. This family is such an awesome family and they have changed me so much. I love them as family and it has been so awesome to teach them.
This past week we have been preparing for a British Night to have as an activity here. Where people could learn more about a different country and learn the culture and everything. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people ended up coming. I will send some pictures for sure. We have a couple members from England here and also the International ward helped us out a ton. It was so cool to see how all the members were interacting and it was a lot of fun.

The work here is still going forward. I absolutely love being a missionary. I have changed so much and never been this happy before. I am so grateful to all the letters I have received and it has been awesome to read that everyone is doing good. You all are in my prayers. Thanks again for the support.
Elder Emery

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