Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

Wow, it was so good to hear from you guys. That made my whole Christmas! It’s a lot more different here in Germany but I had a lot of fun, even though I missed you all dearly. But I am so glad to hear that you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. I know it did get emotional but that’s just because I love and miss you guys. I am doing awesome though. This week was a little bit slower week because we weren’t as busy but it still was a great and a little bit more relaxing week.

I will just start from Christmas Eve and talk about the week. Christmas Eve here in Germany is their Christmas. So we went over to the Warncke Family. Such a cool family and they fed us Roclette. It was so good and I ate so much. Another cool thing is President was okay that Elder Bruneel and I slept over at the other Elders home. So Christmas Eve we watched some Christmas Church shows. Then on Christmas morning we were able to open our packages from home together. It was such a fun morning. The Elders we have here in Darmstadt are all so cool. I have been blessed to work with some cool people. That was a good morning. Christmas day we went over to the Wiese's house and ate even more food. We enjoyed the day and played some board games and hung out. Then that night I was able to Skype with you guys. I absolutely loved it. I am so happy that you guys are doing so well. That makes me happy and I am able to not worry as much. I am so happy to hear that you are all healthy and enjoying life.
After Christmas and talking with you guys we went over to another member’s house on Thursday and ate sooo much again. I think I gained like 5 pounds this Christmas. Germans have 3 holy days which are the 24th, 25th, and 26th. So we got plenty of food and we enjoyed Thursday night and played a game called "Big Booty" that was a lot of fun. I loved the Christmas here in Darmstadt. This area is such a great area. The people here in Darmstadt are such strong members. It’s weird because we have like 12 Deacons in this ward.. Which it feels like our home ward a little bit. Just everything is awesome here in Darmstadt. Elder Bruneel and I are still working hard on the University. We try new ideas every day and getting creative. So that is something good.
So Saturday and Friday we spent pretty much both days finding. We had this box that we had set out and talked to people about what they were grateful for and if they could give something back to Jesus Christ what would it be. We had them write it down and put it in the box. It was a lot of fun. Those days are always a bit longer though because you are outside in the cold talking to people. I have noticed it has been a lot easier contacting and talking with people here in Darmstadt than it was in Bad Homburg. People seem so much nicer here. I don’t know if that was because of Christmas or what but it’s been so much fun. By just talking to people is where I learn the language the most.

I hope you all enjoy your New Year's. Remember to not forget to write down your New Year Goals down. I love you all so very much. I loved talking to you on the phone. I know that I am supposed to be out here on a mission for a reason. I love this work. If you all have any questions just ask them. Have a great week.
Elder Emery

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